White Cliffs of Dover are crumbling into the sea

White Cliffs of Dover are crumbling into the sea It is interesting

March 15, 2012 a wide area of white chalk cliffs of Dover Strait hit in the Pas-de-Calais. Tons of open slopes broke away from the rocks near the area known as Bay crabs. One of the employees of the Coast Guard reported that it is necessary to conduct a study area to determine the exact area and volume of collapsed rocks.

The reasons for the incident are not yet known. Presumably, the collapse was due to rain: after the water has been absorbed, it froze and expanded, making chalk and more fragile. According to a Coast Guard, the top of the rocks broke away during high tide, so no injuries were reported. Despite this collapse is the largest. For those who take a walk along the banks and under the cliffs, the fact that the collapse will be a warning of potential danger.

For many years throughout the UK, including the coast of East Sussex, the cases were observed after the collapse of rocks rain, and cold.

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