White Rabbit-racist from Disneyland refuses to embrace the Negro children

Black family blames the Disneyland amusement park staff of racism. According to the parents, an actor dressed as the White Rabbit, the character of "Alice in Wonderland", refused to embrace their children because of skin color.

The incident took place in Disneyland park in Anaheim, California. Jason and Annelia Black said that the actor showed intolerance towards their children and did not even want to touch them. However, fair-skinned visitors with White Rabbit spoke differently.

"Send two more children. Rabbit showered them with marks of attention. Hugged them, kissed them, posed with them for photographs. At the same time my kids feel terrible, "- told the TV station KCBS-TV Jason Blake.

Parents have written a complaint to the administration of the park. They immediately offered to sign an agreement: to sign a waiver in exchange for VIP-tickets and a nominal amount of $ 500.

But this, according to members of the Black family is not enough. They demand an official apology and dismissal of the actor-racist.


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