White slaves in the United States and Britain, Part 2

In the 1659 parliamentary petition included consideration of the brutal white slave traffic. It said that the white slaves were kept in the hold of two weeks, while the ship was still in the slave-owners in the port. After the departure they were "trapped below deck all the time … with the horses." Slaves were shackled from head to toe. Those scholars who believe that slavery is directed exclusively to racism against blacks, forgotten or deliberately concealed the fact that the word "slave» (slave) in the English language originally belonged to the white Eastern Europeans — Slavs (Slav) *.

Moreover, in the 18th century in Britain and America's industrialization has created a system of factories, first working for them were cruelly oppressed by white kids from the age of six. They were not allowed to leave the factory for 16 hours a day, and often crippled their primitive machines. Constantly tearing arms and legs, long hair girls stuck in the machine and to pull together with the scalp.

The wounded and maimed white children were ejected from the factories to the street to die from wounds without any compensation. Those children who were late to work or sleep during working hours, beaten with iron bars. Lest you think that these horrors related only to the beginning of the industrial revolution, here's another fact: the eight-ten white children were working on tiny factories and mines across the United States up to the 1920s.

Because of corruption, stupidity and cowardice of American teachers and the education system white schoolchildren are taught that this country was built black slaves, Mexican peons and Chinese coolies, and the white majority only look after them with a whip in one hand and a glass of whiskey with ice in the other.

Meanwhile, documents show a very different picture. White Congressman David Wilmot proposed legislation not to allow black slaves in the American west and succeeded in it, as he said, to keep this vast territory for the "sons of toil, my race and color."


Most whites in America, and were the "sons of toil", rend in such work as we have today it is difficult to even imagine. They had no paternalistic social security system was not good and many people whose heart bleeds because of their suffering. These whites were expendable to expand the boundaries of America. They conquered the land, cut down trees, cleared and plowed fields.


The wealthy educated elite whites in America — the sick heirs of those in Charles Dickens' Bleak House "called" telescopic philanthropists "- those who are concerned about the conditions of life somewhere far away and at the same time ignoring the heavy fraction of tribesmen living in their neighborhood.


Today on TV Turner and Pat Roberson, who unjustly called "Family Channel", we see films that negros walk in chains, beaten with whips blacks, blacks oppressed. But nowhere to be seen newsreels of whites, who were beaten and killed in white slavery. Only one-fifth of the white slaves who arrived in the colony Briitanii sugar in the West Indies, were able to survive more than one year.


The soldiers during the American Revolution and the sailors who enlisted in the navy of America, received two hundred lashes for minor offenses. But in any television show can not see that the white men took off his shirt and showed the scars on his back.


The establishment is with great pleasure that will shed tears for the poor humiliated blacks and whites leave the hard workers (originally a derogatory word «rednecks» «redneck" and «crackers» «rabble" refers to the white slaves) to live with them.


Little has changed since the 1800s, when people with money and position in the British Parliament abolished the slavery of blacks throughout the Empire. And while the parliament took the law at its session continuity, hungry and downtrodden white orphan boys were forced to climb up the English Parliament in the pipe to be cleaned. Sometimes the boys brings down the brickwork, and sometimes they were suffocating in the narrow chimneys.


Long after the abolition of slavery in the British Empire House of Lords refused to ban children under ten years to clean chimneys. Lords held that if we introduce the ban, it will be violated "the rights of property." The life of white children was not worth mite and did not cause humanitarian concerns.


Annals of white slavery in America is on the dusty shelf in the darkest corner of the crushed American history. If the truth of that era ever reach the public consciousness, then disappear justification for the existence of all these dubious programs, which provide benefits such as minorities «Affirmative action,» «minority set-asides» and the proposed program of reparations to African-Americans. The fact is that white workers in this country do not owe anything to anybody. They are the descendants of those whom Congressman Wilmot rightly called the "sons of toil."


The racial peace will come only when the historical truth will be widely distributed, and when the two sides can negotiate from positions of strength, not based on fantasies about wine the white working class and the unique suffering of blacks.


Let's face it: in many cases, the life of the black slaves in the American South before the Civil War was much better than the poor whites. That is why in the poverty-stricken mountainous areas in the south such as Winston in Alabama or Beach Mountain in North Carolina poor whites could not understand why the redneck should be willing to die for the slave-owning plutocrats who by their black servants are treated with great care and attention than their free white workers, whom they contemptuously called "trash" (garbage).


And to date white ruling class humiliates poor white and black looks after. From a pathological point of view of Marxism or cosmopolitan liberalism, it may seem great, but the negros and living in third world countries "beneficiaries" of the white ruling class should reflect on what they have for the "friends" are.


The Bible says that he who does not take care of his family, worse than the "infidel." This also applies to members of your race. The man who neglects her children to take care of your own, do not like not one nor the other.


White-hating themselves liberals and greedy conservatives who assert that concern them "civil rights" blacks or people of the third world, throw the working class to the dustbin of history. When they do away with her, they are likely to be mistaken for the other.

Michael Hoffman — author of the book "They were white and they were slaves: The Untold Story of white slavery in early America and in industrial Britain."   «They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America and Industrial Britain».

*Translator's Note: Otto the Great, the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, expanding their holdings waged war with the Western Slavs on the Elbe River Elbe in Thuringia and northern Slavs, Wends in Saxony for their territory. As a result of betrayal and defeat of the Slavs were conquered by the Allies, and many of them were taken into slavery. According to some reports, as many new slaves almost led to the collapse of the Mediterranean slave market. Hence, according to most etymological dictionaries of the English word slave «slave" (from the Slav «Slav").


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