Who brought Ernest Hemingway to suicide?

In the last years of his life Hemingway suffered from a number of serious physical illnesses, including from hypertension and diabetes, but for the "treatment" was placed in a psychiatric clinic Mayo, where the psychiatrist ignored these obvious factors, and dealt only with "mental disorders" that supposedly Hemingway " rewarded "by his colleagues. He sank into a deep depression and paranoia about surveillance. It seemed to him that he was being followed everywhere by FBI agents, and that are placed throughout the bugs, the phones are tapped, the mail is read, a bank account is constantly checked. It might take bystanders for agents.

Hemingway tried to treat the laws of psychiatry. As treatment was applied electroconvulsive therapy. After 20 sessions of ECT (electric shock) Hemingway lost memory and the ability to formulate thoughts in writing: When needed, he could not even write a few words of an official greeting.

During treatment, he called his friend with the phone in the hallway clinics to report that the bugs are placed in the clinic. Attempts to treat it the same way and were repeated later. However, this did not give any results. He could not work, was in a depression and paranoia, and more often talked of suicide. There have been attempts (eg, sudden spurt in the direction of the propeller plane, etc.), from which it was possible to save it.

July 2, 1961 at his home in Ketchum, a few days after discharge from a psychiatric clinic Mayo, Hemingway shot himself with a gun lover, leaving a suicide note.

Decades after his death under the Freedom of Information Act to the FBI request was made of Ernest Hemingway. Answer: From the 40s and was under surveillance and bugs, too, was wiretapping. Wiretapping was even in a psychiatric hospital, where he called to report it.


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