Who is killing animals in Tatarstan?


Creepy crawling rumors in the Republic of Zakamsk zone. Every day they acquired new chilling details. Unknown predators (mutants, monsters, aliens) in the villages attacked livestock.

And cracking down on wildlife in the most barbaric way — strutting their bellies, hollowing out the inside and drinking blood. Monsters dubbed El Chupacabra. There are a half-mystical beast in Latin America, destroying livestock, like our devil or the Yeti. But where does the RT? In fact terrible events versed "Newspaper DAILY».

Last massacre occurred in the villages of Chupacabra Shilnebash and Surovka near Naberezhnye Chelny. Here monster tore poultry and sheep. Terrified residents combed with guns near the forest, but could not find even a trace of unknown predators.

Similar reports come from Kukmor, Mamadishskyi, Nizhnekamsk areas. Survivors of the destruction of the local people, are afraid to go out into the yard in the evening, the night latch on to all the bars. Stories about the terrible Chupacabra with steel fangs, claws and red eyes — the most popular horror stories at village gatherings.

And just recently experienced a similar attack in the village of Sidorovka in the suburbs of Naberezhnye Chelny.

— At night, our pets have raised a terrible cry, — says the victim Guzel Fazlieva. — We ran into the yard and froze with fear: goats, chickens, rabbits, turkeys lay dead on the ground, their bellies were ripped, as if the blood sucked out of the carcasses …

Who brought panic in Tatarstan?

— Unequivocally that the mysterious chupacabra — our Russian beast wolverine — clarified professor of zoology at the University of Kazan Pedagogical Peter Gorshkov. — This predator is very rare and very secretive. Even I, having worked for many years in Zoology, has seen a wolverine only twice in my life.

Recently, it was strongly reduced food base, in our forests are fewer birds, small ungulates, even mice and gophers. So wolverine have come from the depths of forests in the village, slaughter livestock. Usually this predator hunts alone. Only hunger and fear of animals together in small flocks.

Wolverine size of an average dog can get up on his hind legs, and even climb trees. This animal can be dangerous to humans, attacks from behind and inflicts mortal wounds. Familiar hunter Mamadysh recently told me that in his eyes in the forest wolverine has landed on a tree close lynx and killed her. Wolverine rips his victims stomachs, eats away the inside. What happened with the cattle victims of "Chupacabra" — a typical hunting wolverines handwriting.

However, cases of an unknown animal attacks on livestock have been in the past year.

Last summer, in the village of Sidorovka, on the edge of Naberezhnye Chelny, the mysterious beast made a real bloody feast. Climbing at night in one of the yards, he killed a few turkeys, rabbits and one goat. All animals and birds also be seen damage. Hostess monastery Guzel Fazieva said in an interview with a local television station that morning saw close to home strange creature with a narrow snout and ears wide.
Really it was a chupacabra?

How then noticed employees' Kosmopoisk "all localities affected by the night killers, are located near" Chelny-Broiler ", which are engaged in breeding hens.

— This venture is likely to attract the mysterious predators — suggests Alex Wojciechowski. — However, what exactly is unknown. On "Chelny Broiler" modern equipment, and established rigid sanitary control. It does not throw the corpses of birds at a landfill.

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