Why is Venus the brightest planet?

Why is Venus the brightest planet? It is interesting

Astronomers use the term "albedo" to describe the brightness of the planet. Surface or the atmosphere of the planet usually absorbs some light. Albedo, or reflectivity, expresses the ratio between the amount of light that reached the planet, and the percentage that was reflected from it.

Venus is the high albedo of all the planets in the solar system. It is the brightest planet because that reflects 70% of sunlight directed at her. This is explained by the ability of Venus clouds covering the planet. Clouds contain droplets of sulfuric acid and acid forming crystals, which are easily recognized by the light.

When the moon is close to the full moon, it can look a lot brighter than Venus, while the reflectivity of the moon only 10%. This means that its albedo is set to 0.1, and the albedo of Venus is 0.7 units. The reason for the apparent brightness of the moon is that it is close to the Earth. A low reflectance due to the fact that its surface is composed of volcanic rocks.

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