Why men like womens breasts?



Why are men so powerfully attracted heterosexuals woman's breasts? Previously, scientists could not explain men's attention to the mammary gland, but one scientist neurologist suggested a theory which, according to him, explains a lot.

Professor Larry Young, who has been studying the neurological causes of social behavior, suggested that people from ancient times honored the female breast as a symbol of fertility and the relationship between mother and infant. Now the brain impulses make men look at breasts as a symbol of feminine beauty. As a result, women's breasts like both children and adult men.

When, during breast-feeding women's nipples are stimulated, the brain releases the neurochemical oxytocin, popularly known as the "love drug", focusing on the love of a mother and child. But recent studies have shown that not only breastfeeding can trigger these emotions. During stimulation of the nipples in the majority of women increases sexual arousal, as well as make use of the same area of the brain, and clitoral and vaginal stimulation. According to Young, when a sexual partner touches, massages or kissing a woman's breast, the brain begins to actively secrete oxytocin — that is, there is the same reaction as when breastfeeding. But a woman's attention is focused on a sexual partner, her libido is increased in relation to the partner.

Professor Young said that the love of a woman's breasts occurs in heterosexual men when they reach puberty. During the drive to the breast meets the special sector of male brain. Following the signals of the brain, men nipples stimulate women to encourage their sexual desire and maternal instinct.

So why is this characteristic only for the people and not for other animals, breast-feeding? According to Young, because of mammals is formed exclusively in humans monogamous bond. "In addition, — added Young — People — bipedal mammals and have sex face-to-face, so that nipple stimulation during intimacy is more convenient."

Other hypotheses of why men so attracted to women's breasts do not hold water and are questionable in the study. For example, assume that the selected male buxom women, as they are better fed children is false, as it is known that during pregnancy in women with breast-feeding a small increase in size. This means that men do not have to be so selective.


Translation Sergei Vasilenkova

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