Will global warming cause more rain?

Will global warming cause more rain? Weather and Climate

It would seem that if the climate gets warmer, the rains should increase. Frank Uents, Academic Director of the Institute of Remote Sensing at the Santa Rosa, Calif., says that it is very difficult to predict how much the distribution of precipitation in a warming world. To study used satellite data measuring the water content in the atmosphere over the past decades.

If there were no changes in the movement of air and atmospheric circulation, the amount of rainfall would grow in proportion to the changing amount of water in the atmosphere, ie by 7% for each rising degree. But the reality is different, making it difficult to answer the question of how much water will turn into rain. Many scientists believe that atmospheric circulation slows down, which means that an increase in humidity in the atmosphere will be "sluggish" in nature. This means that the "conveyor belt", which is the water cycle, will slow down the movement. Rain will be an increase in the proportion of 1/3 of the increase in the total amount of water in the atmosphere. But Frank Uents recalls that there are phenomena that are difficult to predict and which substantially affect the climate models (eg, cloud radiative forcing). Therefore, the question whether global warming will cause more precipitation, remains open.

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