With military bases stolen property in the UK? 280 thousand

"Over the last two years of military bases in the south-east of the kingdom disappeared property valued at? 230K missing property among the English army — four cars Land Rover, copper pipes, diving helmets and household appliances.

According to BBC, the British Ministry of Defense is "working hard to calculate the thieves and to prevent similar episodes in the future."

The MP Laurence Robertson, representing the town of Tewkesbury, near which is one of the biggest NATO bases, said the scale of theft shocking. In his words, "very sorry that the army is losing the property in such amounts."

Only on the basis of Tewkesbury were missing items worth about £ 15 million, but the cases of theft committed at numerous bases in Wiltshire, Somerset and Bristol.

In total, from January 2011 to December 2012 there were 97 thefts. Military bases have missed Land Rover vehicles costing £ 75 million is also missing in the amount of copper pipe? 35 thousand, diving helmets costing £ 20 million, some vacuum cleaners, night vision goggles, clothes dryers.

Robertson said that "those responsible for the security of these bases should make much more effort to ensure that there is order." "


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