Wonderful Swedish given. Confessions of an emigrant


Let's try to calmly and without emotion. Been a long time, now I do not hate Sweden with all my heart, and even ready to come back.

On short. 

The fact that Sweden — a wonderful destination for tourists. Clean, polite, with a drop dead beautiful nature and lovely towns. But, as a joke, tourism, emigration should not be confused.

As my husband, now former, who still lives in Stockholm, Sweden would be a beautiful country, if it was not the Swedes. And I'm inclined to agree with him.

Yes, they are tall blue-eyed blondes, they smile politely raazgovarivayut with strangers, and they know English.

But they have lots of ugly traits that are invisible to the tourist. Read my post yesterday, citing a survey. Were you surprised that the children, family, friends have absolutely all respondents Swedes have no value? The worst thing is that this is indeed the case.

The Swedes completely atrophied humanity, compassion, a sense of family. For them normally send a child to an orphanage, they do not even stop to think what it will cause injury to the child. (See Breivik, he is a great example). Most of my friends parents were in a nursing home, as the children do not come to mind to help them. Naturally, there's no one visits them. What for? Christmas card to send to them, the DR can be called. I must say that it is logically related to the elderly. For these very old people 30 years ago, a student threw a son or daughter of the house: live as you wish. And, too, were just Christmas cards. I had a friend Swede, lived in Moscow, then returned to Stockholm. She was 22. She had no job. At Christmas, she invited me to go to her parents in Dalarna (300 km). They had a palace in the 35 rooms, the garage Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. Their daughter had nothing to pay for a room in a hostel. More terrible, stiff, otvratittelnogo Christmas I did not get to celebrate, even though the table and bursting with gourmet food and candles and the doormen were blinding brilliance.

So there is no family in Sweden. Divorces, the largest percentage in Europe.

With Friends worse. In general, no friends. There are colleagues and friends. They are invited for a cup of coffee for two weeks! ON THE TABLE, many people, so and cakes. If the two pair, then the four cakes. Do not get to eat two.

But best friends are those who pay for the drink. Swedes drink to vomiting and unconsciousness. otherwise there is no point. Drink-is expensive, so for others, any kick.

In Sweden, alcohol can not be purchased on the open market. There is a chain of stores System bulaget, which sell everything from beer to brandy. On Friday, they close earlier on weekends and do not work. You should have seen the queue there on Friday! Naive, I asked why the Swedes did not blunt buy booze on Wednesday, for example. You know, what was the response? Because they could not control myself, knowing that the house is alcohol, limit your'd still be on Wednesday and Thursday working day. OK?

As guests sometimes do not come with a cake and a bottle. The cool thing is when you do not end up drunk bottle carry with them. I watched it a couple of times, honestly. there's not enough on the mat.

There is still a wild narrow-mindedness. The Swedes importantly, follow the rules. This move them impossible. (Only if it's not for drinking). So they walk around with the kids, talk to them gently and politely tell you and show you the way. But the humanity of them do not, they are zombies. I had a Greek chef. He was born in Sweden, but the Swedes hated the hell out. I asked him once why and how such a people. He told me the idea, which seemed sound: they have 300 years there was no war. There was no loss of loved ones, hunger, fear for their lives. Their sense of well-being in otrofirovalis all.

The Danes, a different people, with much greater humanity. Maybe because the war did not spare them.

I lived in Sweden for three years. My good friends and acquaintances were foreigners: French, Portuguese, Croatian pair. There was also a Russian girl, not Ukrainian, which is famous for the fact that she married a Swede on the ad and left him on the same day as received a residence permit. Literally, the police went to shoot a new apartment … Also, incidentally, type.

In Sweden, a lot of good: Beautiful nature, forests, granite, white mushrooms and lakes. There comfortably and safely. Perhaps there may come a strong company and to live without interfering with the local population.


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