You know, what is most striking to us, the Russian?

You know, what is most striking to us, the Russian? It's a fabulous ability to digest triggered us into the blood and muck to reduce poisoning of her poisons to a minimum. Here you look at the young man frikovsko-punk type or the so-called Gopnik in the doorway with a "jaguar" in hand, and you think, yes, sir, all sailed degradation triumphed. A run into him in a difficult life situation or heart-to-heart talk — honestly hearted man, with all of our senses and great anguish, no alienation or indifference. Or communicate officially with a business man, a kind of successful self-Maeder, full of himself, efficiency for efficiency, the living space is not visible — and sit on the bench or in a birch grove under the windows of the hospital where his wife gave birth — and where all gone? — Live Russian people, the peasants, with a broad mind and thoughts. Big deal then, what did he kochevryazhitsya and breaks in your business case? But compare it with Western self-Maeder, always smiling and polite cold, and you know how it is different, even in the form of a businessman. Your on, my Russian! It annoys many, sometimes even their very annoying. But nowhere on it does not get to.


Often bombarded with ehidtsey sort of a question, with podkovyrtsey, and that such "traditional Russian", what exactly is it expressed? Yes, in many ways, if not in all. In most small things sometimes.

I remember once in an interview Garik Chev complained, they say, listen, listen to Western music advanced, imitate her, wrote like that, and when you drink with the men and other women at the table — and zatyanesh "hey, ice-cold," willy- nilly. And you're angry at yourself, said Garik, and korish that not all such advanced and peasant, but in 40 years will still start to listen to this, "Biden" and write this kind of music. Chev on your feeble mind thinks it a disadvantage (though it is for this song and loved by the people), but it is a great gift and a fabulous property Russian. If we can stop the aggression of global depravity, it is thanks to him, this is a wonderful gift.

Or take such a painful time as the modern parenting. No matter how dull and shoved us mozgolomatelnymi cartoons progressive West, but note how often in young families show the kids just old Soviet cartoons. It would seem, why should it? After all, they both brighter and more modern. But the children prefer the old cartoons. And parents often disagree with them, which would at the same time they were "advanced." Furthermore, you may not have noticed that young mothers — those that have grown up in the 80's and 90's, in modern cities and stuffy in the society with broken worldview, they suddenly kiddies sing lullabies — old yet, Grandma, it is not clear how and where found. Here they sing these lullabies, those girls that go to clubs and watch "House-2" and "Comedy Club", and you see it's healing effect of overwhelming Russian life, from which all these Shenderovich hair on end. Nothing they can do with him. A miserable jerk all their zlokozney most clearly manifested before lullaby young mother was born in 1991.

They say that everything is destroyed and disconnected. Very convincing and a lot of, in particular, writes about SG Kara-Murza. But almost no one notices the opposite effect — a far more important and wonderful! — Wound healing and contraction, the process convalescence. For example, because 10 years ago, the army and the service it seemed shameful and goofy, and patriotism of individual heroes from the provinces seemed impossible, as if from another world. But it was not long and somehow slowly, quietly, and the army itself has once again become a source of pride. There went the youth, and not just a village, went out of the cities, even the elite. Military parades, fresh and noble face of cadets, valor commandos — all this again become the norm for us, as it should be for the Russian. Moreover, the strength and valor of the Russian spirit and traditions of the Orthodox army and state, sing these seemingly detached from the culture of Russian artists like rappers, rockers and "disco accident." Returning to the phenomenon, voiced by chevym. What is this if not a live Russian secret power?

Or, say, a family, a house, many children. More recently, this seemed a mortal wound and nezazhivlyaemoy. Girls despised motherhood and were ready for anything, but would not give birth. Convinced themselves they were afraid of poverty and hopelessness, but often simply succumbed to promote selfishness. Did not give birth, because inspired, that is not fashionable and stupid, it is necessary to make money. In fact, this generation will backfire and we demographic pit. It has not been for many years — and the windows of any court racket and flocks of guys running around the sandbox, and the second and third of pregnant moms baby so much that, according to the older generation is the last time it was only in the early 80's. No, it is still a lot, of course, the girls with the psychology of the cuckoo, but in a society that is already condemned, it is no longer fashionable, and even ashamed. People with low incomes even go all out, but trying to arrange themselves at least some modest little house in addition to the apartment — if only to equip their nest. The villages are beginning to re-settle the residents of nearby towns and not just by buying land and homes.

Making money is still the dominant ideology in society and the elite (though it is said that there is no ideology), but this is not the bottom hole 90, when hundreds of thousands of people rushed to the easy money, succumbing to avarice. Now, even those who have seized their part of the property, swallow air as a fish in search of soul and humanity. Morality and sincere human relationships — perhaps the most important "product" that would like to purchase the majority of Russia's population, had conducted such a survey. And they are slowly finding this value, painfully, but parted with his snobbery owner and begin to build relationships with their neighbors on the landing, with distant relatives with whom no contact 20 years. This happens, happens, pay attention. Soul of the company, though often resembling the banal and Friday drinking, they just pull this off. The healing of the invisible work of Russian-ness, its fantastic effect.

We used to see in our lifetime only destructive processes, but do not see the creative, the ones that quietly and secretly even heal our wounds. Those that help us survive and recover. It is extremely bad that we do not notice it. Russian is now vitally important to comprehend and understand their strength, discover and articulate it, to stand up and feel ourselves around healthy greatness. Do not advertise, does not offer a recipe all in a row (do not! Themselves come running and take), but simply to understand themselves. It is difficult, but possible. In the Russian fate is something intractable design and divine, but there are quite formulated its manifestation in the form of values, rules, orders and unique traditions that can and should voice. "Logically, Russia does not understand" — yes, but no one said that it is necessary to understand the mind only. But you have to understand, not to complain about the impossibility of understanding. The heart is not opposed to the mind, but its complement, and it (the heart) does not contradict our values and awareness, and the fate of the national road.

Russia must always be. It always will be.

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