Young Americans are abandoning the traditional family


Most young Americans do not consider the traditional family a mandatory attribute of modern life, the researchers said the company uSamp.

As the newspaper writes, 87% of Americans believe that the institution of the traditional family is outdated and does not meet the requirements of modern times.

Experts point out that in the United States and other countries of the Western world, more and more non-traditional families. Moreover, more and more people believe that could well do without any family. 82% of Americans believe that the mother — this is the woman who raised a child, and do not bore him.

86% of them considered normal if the father is a couch potato and sit with the children while the mother is building a career. 84% believe in the fact that single-parent families do not have a devastating impact on the psyche of children. 83% do not have anything against the fact that children are adopted same-sex families.

But more interestingly, the majority of young Americans today do not see the need to start a family.

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