20 reasons against Its time to throw out of the country

A lot of screaming, "It's time to throw!" Actually behave like parrots — were repeated by someone other people's words, although all the situation, knowledge and profession are different! Yes, there is a category of Russians, who calmly got a job in any country, but this is due only to the fact that their profession allows them to work anywhere in the world or in excess of the profession in demand — brokers, software, the Internet — businessmen, stolen in Russia in the 90s and now menzhuyuschie businessmen, they can not read further. But such — not more than 5% of "valilschikov".


Most — the standard blue and white collar workers with an average knowledge of English and skills to work in a corporation, a journal, publishing, office, large teams of managers who have seen my country from the window of a tourist bus or studied there for either the year or worked. Those who had seen the tourist facade, but does not go into the yard ordinary citizen … And these 95% are no outstanding in the West does not need them. First, they are white, and secondly — they are strangers and always will … That's for them and published this post, so they thought his head again, not as sheep, yielding herd instinct, yelling "It's time to throw!". On the other hand, those who do cry — let felled. And when the rest of the Russian Federation in your former colleague to come on a tour, "an all inclusive" for your new home, be a man, do not hide under the counter at McDonald's, where you will work polomoem with their economic and legal education. And those 5% to arrange properly. But then you're not one of them …

And now we read and think about it — maybe we should start working to plow here, at least half of how you have to vpahivat there? And then ensure prosperity itself is there, and you will work on the growth of GDP of the country, keeping your social circle, status and dignity:

1. More than 95 percent of immigrants are laborers: wash the floors, wash the ass elderly Europeans to work in the factory, McDonald's, the factory and in the field. Do you think they like to talk about it? You'd never heard of? Of course! Who wants to confess that he had gone to the "well-fed" America or Europe to wash your ass elderly. Obydno, slyuschay ….

2. All immigrants after arrival at the new home feel that they are the most intelligent and they shine for at least the director's chair in a large company. What happens in real life? Read the paragraph 1.

3. 3 percent who do not wash their ass Europeans — they lick the ass or something else … and superior directly to their superiors that they had not been fired from the company, where they were able to achieve as much as the level of office plankton for 1500 euros a month. They work for 8-10 hours a day, knowing that if they get fired now will be very difficult to find a job because they are foreigners (read the dregs of society).

4. Only 2 percent of poor immigrants reach the level of heads of small finishing university in the "host" country plow for 12-14 hours a day, because they understand that this possibility falls only 2 percent. Their heads also understand this and therefore will ship them in 2 times more than local. Emigrant to leave such a place — tantamount to suicide. All are mired in the credits on the ears. Loan sharks take away from you all, if you lose your job.

5. Do you like to dabble in the bath or shower at home? You have to forget about it forever. Otherwise, you face a huge bill for the consumption of plain water from the tap. Want to stay longer in the shower? Please! Nobody forbids. At the end of the year you just have to "supplement" at a rate of 1,000 to 5,000 euros dollars. Every whim for your money.

6. More than 90 percent of immigrants after 10 years of being in a new homeland can not properly be explained in the language of most of the "new country." Do you think they feel good garbage, because you can not even say what you think? Certainly not pleasant. But when they come to their old home, they can pour in front of you new foreign words and pretend that they "forget" your native language. Oh, really hard for them to a new home. But they proudly carry this banner of "waste", because of this no one knows of you and can not check and see them everyday.

7. Do you like to have the old and trusted friends? Well, then forget that word at all. New home does not provide for such a thing at all. You will be in vain trying to find myself and make "friends" among the local Europeans or Americans, but then realize that they perceive you … just as laborers, guest workers. You really forget that you scum? You came to take away their jobs! Your mission — to clean floors, ass, revenge of the street … Are you friendly? Perish the thought …

8. Good neighbors — are Europeans and Americans! They are so friendly you always smiling! Teeth white, smiling from ear to ear! Tale direct! Just when you get a letter from a lawyer who demands from you 3000 euros for the fact that when you scratched the door to carry the damn your closet — you know, it's your neighbor, smiling. She is always smiling and happy to see you.

9. Your child is hurt someone's car and … oh, horror! He made a micro-nail scratch and you're gone. Do not worry, everything's fine. Watchful neighbor saw you left and immediately called the police or the owner of the car and reported the scratch. You just come from the expense of the owner of a lawyer and you will pay 200-300 euros for this scratch. A little expensive? No, just that he will do the most good scratch in the studio of the city, where the working hour costs 150 euros / dollars.

10. You're out of luck if you're a guy-immigrant. Guys immigrants harder to find a job is 2.5 times that of girls. This dry statistics. Russian girls like to arrange to work, implying that all you can "negotiate" with a cup of coffee after the interview.

11. You work in Russia tirelessly and selflessly … sitting in classmates and contact? Excellent! Western companies are putting computers so that your monitor will be visible from anywhere in the office, at what all your colleagues and boss. Still tied programs that do screenshots every 5 minutes of your desktop and send ups … just in case. You did not tell anyone of this? Oh yes … so even in a nightmare not a dream, but a reality here …

12. Coming to the west first emigrants can not stop looking at all the beauty of the facades of buildings, gardens and parks. Really cool, no doubt. When you start to clean floors, work in construction or factory … you will be subtracted from 20 to 40 percent of taxes (in the aggregate). After a 12 hour day, you will take these facades and beautiful parks — for granted, and even talk to his colleague, the Negro, these "white" bitches could better pick up trash and cut the grass for that kind of money is that you have to remove each month in taxes.

13. You are very unlucky, if you are a guy and came without his wife. As a true patriot, a new country, you will search only Russian girl. You're not an idiot, to build relationships with-stained French women who fuck with everyone who comes across them. Especially in their honor African immigrants. There is an option to stumble on a 'decent' girl, but they do not treat you like garbage and know their value. Because your chances even on the bed in such "fifami" strongly zero. You are stunned, because you can not understand how can this be? Even yesterday, in Russia you were 2 girls in a week and was not lights … one more beautiful than the other, and there's some ugly mug or faces of the skin, builds himself Miss World. Bummer … muzhchinki you in another world.

14. You are not very lucky if you are a girl and came without her husband. Adequate Russian guy are hard to find and almost nevozmozhno.No you the same girl and you will find a "male" from the Aboriginal easier. Another thing that you will be taken as a curiosity and wanting to "pomatrosit and throw" — more than enough. Do not be surprised that you will have for yourself everywhere itself to pay, even for love dating. And if you manage to think that "he" paid for you, then you almost have subscribed, you belong to him. Capital weekdays.

15. Do you have a family, kids grow up and you know what that's for sure they will not be laborers! You work from morning till night, so that your children have a future. Very cool. This is a great contribution, but according to statistics 75 percent of children of immigrants do not even graduate from high school (11 notch on our way). The fact that there is even gardens to … how to say … on softer for "not safe" children. No, you do it from a happy family, then you know it! It's true! But you Europeans have remained grade 3 … and your kids, just kids 3 sortable person and therefore there is special. kindergartens where children gather foreigners. It is tucked under the theme "Integration kindergarten." The authorities care about your kids, "joined" more in the local life … and in fact, they fence off you as scum.

16. But you are dead set on a good future for your children! It's great! Pay 500 euros per month for a regular det.sad. Oh well … you only earn 500 euros a month in a small on the desk is not a full-time? Yes, you still have a husband who earns a lot of money 2,000 euros per month — everything is fine. Only the rent you pay 700 euros, 400 on food for 3 people, 500 for kindergarten, 200 for the car … taxes, insurance … total obtained minus 200-300-500 euros. That is, normal garden you can not pull … or take loans and wallow in the credits to the end of life. Or refuse it and send their children to project the pic … that is, the integration kindergarten.

17. Do not be surprised if your daughter or son will go home … or a Moroccan girl from Zimbabwe … Her parents are refugees, and your children are met in a regular school. The school as a school class … just like on the softer say, for children of the less well-off families. Well, this class is more for foreigners to … that they are integrated into society …..

18. You are lucky if you are an expat know 3 languages and have a doctorate degree. You can not afford a normal kindergarten, apartment, car insurance and clothing not from second-hand. Do your children have a chance at a normal life with white people who may consider themselves middle class. It only remains the least. To work 14 hours on weekends and holidays too. And why would they invite you to Europe? He also desired "scientific negros"! So between a professor called scientists from Russia and the former Soviet Union.

19. Educated Europeans sincerely do not understand why people leave their country to work in the garbage or wash the ass in the west. Did this work is not at home?

20. Educated Americans are glad that it go to the "learned negros" from Russia and other countries. They are hard at work … and do not realize that if you work at a pace that you can achieve anything and everything and at home.

But to think immigrants have no time left … to the west to work, work, work, work, work … and work again … another life, they do not know. They should always work — for this purpose they were given the opportunity to live in a "beautiful" country. And admit it to friends and family who remained at home that you live in shit and like a slave — a lack of courage, pride of others, the third — a vile little thought, "I feel bad, though other hlebanut", the fourth — the optimists hope that every year, that "but things will get better soon! I'm getting up and alive … ", and the truth is after 10 years of polomoya rise to a waiter or busboy, working 20 hours a day …

These people have already piled up:

Lives …….. I have an uncle in the Czech Republic, in the 90th lived in Kazakhstan, in the end it all povygonyali, he went there. I do not know why not in Russia … In the end, last year I took them to 4k euro, they have there problems with the work, with the credit. Occupied with the condition — as will, will give … more than a year, can not (well, I'm not asking, I'm not a burden), but the fact — our bad there. One business traveler — I often travel to europe on rental car, cool, beautiful, fun, etc.
And talk to them, it becomes clear, nothing special and they do not see good. As it is written — work, work, work …….

……. I have a friend went to Finland, so here she was employed and unemployed there. Son studies with refugees from Africa and arabami.Kak she wanted to go that we just do not slyshali.I there think about the people all that well, which is usually govoryat.Uehala Bret, and that the son of a local boy accidentally hit the ball, they are not even given a value and is now worth the issue of deprivation of parental rights, said that she was crying is nothing to say that howls every den.Tak who want to go and enjoy the luxurious life she does not remember it for you for them ……….

Relatives …… I went to Germany in 2000. Have not been able to reach the children received only specialty workers. And my — finished college, working for a good position to have perspective. We would like to go back — no I do not want to, because they have become accustomed to the Western way of life, and they fear our problems, because their media are filled with horror stories about what a disgrace we have going on. For all time have never been able to come to visit — no money down the road. Even when I was on a business trip in Germany and then could not scrape together the money to see. Now my daughter in Italy on probation, and can not come — there is no money. Offered to pay them to get there — abandoned, though there is still some Russian pride ……..

And you still pakuesh bags?


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