40% of New Yorks seafood — a fake

About 40% of seafood in New York stores and restaurants are not those for which they were issued by the seller. Such shocking and the alarming conclusion experts conservation organization Oceana. They conducted a genetic analysis of the 150 most popular items and culinary dishes.

As it turned out, the sellers often give a scented substance for the natural product (eg, crab meat), are confused about the names of seafood, and even rename the fish, which do not recommend eating the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Office of the Food and Drug (FDA), and non-profit organizations for the protection of health.

In particular, Ed snapper is often called telapiyu and tilefish, and white tuna — Escolar and snake mackerel. However, most consumers are cheating at a sushi restaurant, where often one and the same fish fed under different names.

The researchers note that cheating customers of shops and restaurants in most cases go unpunished. Residents of the Big Apple, as it turned out, very poorly understood in seafood, but do not stop them in large numbers to buy. Curiously, the least risky place to buy fish, shrimp, lobster and shellfish are the big supermarkets with branches all over the country.


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