A few words about the Western media editor of Russia Today Margarita Simonyan

Margarita Simonyan talks about battered in the Canadian prison guy from Russia and is surprised that the major Western media have remained indifferent to this story.

Cheerful guy Denis Telyakov went to Canada to learn English. The family took out a loan to pay for his son and his brother a bright future. With the future is not set. Denis not only learned English, but is now controlled by a Russian bad — his doctors call a vegetative state. Just two days in a Canadian prison — and all vegetable.

Dennis was in prison for hooliganism — quarreled with the classmate. That same hooligan, for which, according to our friendly, progressive society in general put in jail can not. But he was put, as long as relatives sought money for bail, inmates beat Denis to a state of coma, kicked in the head. "Just like that, no way" — as they themselves later explained.

"It would be more humane to let him die," — said the doctors, assessing the state of Telyakova. He does not know, he does not eat, does not raise his head, and if they will continue to live, you will live badly. With Dennis quickly took charges to jail did not pay more than its treatment. Who will pay for now — is unclear. Relatives and credit for a brilliant future had not yet paid.

I found this story on our website rashatudeyskom. Neither CNN, neither the BBC, nor other luminaries about Dennis is not a word. Well, what some Russian vain crammed into prison, almost killed there, now do not pay for treatment — the business somehow.

Whether it if the opposite! If a Canadian guy Dennis, we yelled at the MGIMO Torkunova, he would be in jail for it — there is kicked in the head — Oh, mother. I'm scared to present these titles! "Putin's Russia is dangerous for Western students!" "Canadian mutilated in Putin's gulag!" "Bloody regime punished for wanting to learn Russian." "The list of Denis' just would immediately drew some, well, as without it?

In general, I looked up the story, and I was somehow insulting. For the leading Western media that they are not real. As if it does not the media, and informobespechenie NATO special operations. For Canada — we somehow always seems that they do not happen, it is only in our country but they have grapes on the walls and in the puddles — sterile milk. But worst of all to me for us — we're so quiet. They beat us, and we are silent. Maybe you are on the radio to tell — maybe someone will hear?


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