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From the article Constantine Dushenov "Poverty patriotic analysts'

The country is on the verge of collapse. The economy is about to collapse. "Washington Regional Committee" still rocks. "The occupation regime" maneuvers. Prikormlennye 'patriots' urge all to unite and stand up for statehood. Putin repainted in "nationalist" in order to successfully drive the country into an "electronic concentration camp" Antichrist. The situation in Russia is more like a sinking ship, the captain who, instead of saving it, or declare the evacuation, convinces the crew that everything is fine and nothing to worry about. Moreover, he inspires the team that the ship is not only not in distress, but rather puts the world record.

For the duration of the life of Russia lags behind even Africa. Most of the budget stupidly stolen. In China, wages in real terms above. Official propaganda foaming at the mouth trying to prove that almost all of Russia became Orthodox. In these tales Russian authorities enthusiastically believe neophytes and cowardly believers, who are used to perceive their environment through rose-colored glasses. So this can not continue. This is the way into the abyss. We must follow the example of Israel — there built a successful nation state.

If the Russian people do not get the freedom, the most active will continue to leave their homeland. The Russian people have no strength to resist, even in the fight for their land. Completely depleted. Bureaucracy — greedy, heartless, dozhiraet our people. Who will be here finally give way to the living space the former fraternal Soviet peoples. Become a breeding ground for their prosperity and secure.

One can only hope for a miracle. The further away, the less hope.

This is not a joke or a parody. This is a quote. Verbatim. These are the main conclusions drawn by analysts of the number of "radical nationalists". It seems Preceding a storm atmosphere, which covered the whole world waiting ambulances disasters anticipation of the global collapse of Western hegemony led by the U.S. and the inevitability of the Great War,?'s Impact on the analytical abilities of some of our colleagues on the national liberation movement.

It is necessary to understand why people who call themselves Russian patriots, instead of helping to mobilize Russian society on the eve of the terrible trials, the upcoming Russian state and our nation at the turn of geopolitical eras, broadcast it, and the already demoralized community, their own fears and painful pathological phobia , paralyze readers psevdoapokalipticheskimi fantasies of his sick imagination? What is the root cause of the panic, which are struggling to force the leaders of the "radical nationalists"? Why is the concentration of panic invective today they measure their phony "radical"?

So: who?

Asset "irreconcilable" very colorful. National Democrats and the pagan Rodnovers, "pious Zoroastrians" and "mystical nationalist-socialists" … In short, every creature on the pair. Orthodox segment of the heterogeneous group consists mostly of representatives of the various dwarf "True Orthodox" jurisdictions, formed either as a result of splits ROCOR after its merger with the Moscow Patriarchate, or after the departure of most MPs banned in the ministry of the clergy with a part of his flock.

God will judge them. I am not going to give them to assess in terms of spiritual, canonical, moral and religious. Moreover, I believe in the sincerity and good intentions of most of them. But.

Psychological and political reasons for the "intransigence" and "radicalism" of this population is quite obvious. These people persist in total criticized the current Russian reality simply because nothing else can not and do not want to do. Affects a kind of historical inertia that prevents them calmly and sensibly assess the present. Over the past 20 years, many very smart and decent people — from Metropolitan John and Professor Panarin to general Rodionova and writer Kazintseva? and sharply criticized the arguments tending Khazar yoke upon us. Autopsied its causes and mechanisms. Analyzed the situation in great detail and depth. Contemporaries warned about the dangers and temptations of the days to come. Deserved reputation of these writers, philosophers, analysts, bishops today dominates some part of it is well-intentioned Russian nationalists in a way that prevents them from time to see the changes taking place around us. […]

In addition, I think, deep down their leaders themselves perfectly aware of their marginality. After all, for any analyst or less familiar with Russian history and culture, obviously all these Zoroastrians Rodnoverie and mystical National Democrats are completely alien our Russian life, Russian faith, Russian sacrifice and holiness hostile millennial Russian messianism, Russian hope? And nothing in Russia do not understand. They have no chance of public acceptance in the natural course of our lives, in the normal course of political development of the country. They understand it. So by all means prevent such normal flow.

That is where the origins of the indestructible "creative" block "irreconcilable nationalists" and pidoralov liberastov! They are all — are equally alien to Russian Russian healthier, equally marginalized and are hostile to its centuries of practice.

However, at times by the "irreconcilable" sounds quite sensible, constructive criticism. It comes usually from the camp Orthodox nationalists who refuse to believe in reincarnation patriotic "anti-people godless regime."

Their proposals sound sometimes quite clearly. But there is another problem: it appears that we are in very different ways we see the reality around us. We look at the same event, we read the same newspapers, we estimate the same facts, but in this case we see two very different Russia.

I see there are the first steps to implement those requirements, which present government Orthodox nationalists. They are, however, formulate them as proof that nothing has changed and the nature of state power in Russia is still clearly anti-Russian.

I see a country rising from its knees. Countries emerging from a terrible pogrom nineties liberal-two-thousand, but by the grace of God survivor, survived, scrapped a terrible Koshcheeva needle Khazar rule. And now — slowly, awkwardly, contradictory — in reviving its historic, ancestral form of Russian imperial power. Country, standing on the eve of the many trials and tribulations, but at the turn of the great achievements, the heroic deeds of glorious victories.

A "irreconcilable" see ruined, ruined, torn of Russia, dying under the yoke of cruel and unscrupulous dictator, under the weight of many unsolvable problems. See the "occupation regime"? decrepit, deceitful, cowardly, just about ready to fall under the blows of the perturbed masses.


Who is right?

Recently, one observant writer observed: "We live in a space, the increasing complexity and difficulty. In our real life is hard, very much annoyingly difficult and almost nothing you can not do the way you want … In this space all must long and hard to understand. "

But, alas, many do not like. And so, not being able to change reality, and not willing to accept it for what it is, some just run away from reality, constructed for himself and his supporters a more comfortable and convenient "parallel" world …

"The main thing for them — not to go into reality … The blogosphere has created its own kind of vnekompetentnogo space. This is, relatively speaking, "lightweight social reality", or "realayt."

In the Real Madrid man is not what he is? and what he calls himself. The surrounding world is — not the immense and ever-changing universe for what it really is. And then, the user assigns the world.

As a result, today on Runet roam hundreds of thousands of heroes and the Warriors of Light. Some peace commodity analyst from the suburbs to Madrid turns, for example, in an uncompromising fighter against capitalism. (In our case — "with Putin's bloody dictatorship"? KD) He thus prepares mass attack on the comprador power ("rotten anti-people regime" — KD). And even in ordinary reality so do not come to power — in Real Warrior of Light is so real that advance implacably denounces all for passivity and perfidy.

Who suffers from realayta, dear readers? Everyone suffers. In fact realayt? mild hallucinogen that allows dependent indefinitely in a state of self-delusion. When any source of opinion in the blogosphere, considered realaytistami "their", suddenly ceases to obey their will and starts to argue with — they come out of myself …

Since the state realayta comfortable — realayta victim sooner or later shifted to some "ghetto world views", in which the majority of shares his views about the world and their role in it. From being among like-minded residents of non-critical realayta finally relax — and debate skills they will atrophy. This, in turn, further closes them in their own environment. "

This description you do not like? Personally, I have a strong feeling that the "radical" and "intransigent" part of the anti-Putin opposition and antipatriarhiynoy among Russian patriots are slowly but surely turning into an "army of Warriors of Light" on drugs "Real" some of his invented by the "parallel" Russia! […]

In the inflamed brains of revolutionary dreams of the "radicals" reflects a very different world, not the one in which the country lives. In this fantasy world, "growing wave of popular protest", "popular anti-popular regime falls", "inevitably approaching overthrow Putin", etc. etc. If, in reality, for example, a drunken policeman committed a fatal accident, the parallel world of "Warriors of Light" it is not so! There "Putin's Punisher killed an innocent citizen" (I'm not kidding, it's almost verbatim quote from one of the patriotic sites).

If the reality of the law enforcement agencies are beginning to finally apply the 282-th article of the Criminal Code on purpose — that is, against rusonenavistnikov and detractors of the Church […] — that the world's Warriors of the Light, this means only "increased repression."

For them dvadtsatitrillionnaya rearmament program — "a fake", despite the obvious progress in rebuilding the country's defense. The desire to curb impudent aliens through the tightening of immigration policy — "the illusion and diversion regime." Attempts to translate Patriarch Kirill church policy to the patriotic mainstream — "coalescence MPshnoy false church with a mafia state." And so on and so forth. […]


And yet, from the writings of "irreconcilable antiputinistov" has clear benefits for our common cause. Their articles (eg article G.Bezymyannogo "Talking with a friend"), in my opinion, are good because they soundly codify those arguments "irreconcilable antiputinistov", which are now in abundance scattered across the expanses of Runet. And thus make them even more helpless.

In this case, the main mistake of "patriotic" critics of GDP is related to their extreme political naivete. Of course, I am referring to the majority of well-meaning "bitter", and not their leaders-seasoned politicians.

This is the reason most naive believe that Putin is a want, and he will be able to immediately redraw the political reality of Russia at will. But in fact, the position of any of the supreme authority — be it the president, the monarch, the head of the military junta, or the Secretary General? quite different. It can be a power over the property, and even the fate of the lives of millions of people. But this power for the most part — the power is negative, the power to destroy, destroy, suppress. And even such a power, as history shows, time and again slipping out of the hands, in spite of all the efforts and the limitless powers.

The more difficult things in the creative. None of the dictator, no monarch can not arbitrarily, at his own request, to carry away the society a great idea to rally citizens around the ancient shrines, to mobilize the people to sacrifice, to exploit, to break … No power can at will sculpt people "under him" as a sculptor sculpts his alluring image of soft and pliable clay to then capture it in the eternal granite. The most caring, most patriotic and penetrating power can only support sprouts national heroism, and create conditions for the take-off of his soul, spiritual enlightenment, to bring in people's minds reverence for family shrines, adherence to traditional ideals.

Here we need a long-term and painstaking work. In this area, the art of patriotic politician, statesman's task is not to lose the power of unity in Olympus with his native people. To build on this inner, mystical unity, correctly guessing the fundamental, subconscious aspirations of the masses, and then give them a meaningful ideological, geopolitical form, to become a living embodiment of the aspirations and move in such a way to focus the most, at the epicenter of the raging national energy feed them and eat them …

Only thus is born a true national leader, a true leader and the father of the nation.

Apparently, none of this "patriotic" Putin's critics do not know, do not understand, do not feel. Therefore, they criticize the GDP is not, is not there, and not for what it should be, but simply "the ceiling"? for all that whatever is handy, if only to show off their heroic "intransigence" and mindless biting phrase. At that time and again attacking the same own teammates in the national liberation struggle.

"I'm starting to notice that I was increasingly trying to clear the filth? writes about one of the "despicable putinists". ? I am increasingly losing its purity, anxiously tell me media fairness. They told me a hundred times that my adorable Putin replaces the remains of Russian crowd at the Tajiks, and as I have not heard. And here's the proof? immigrants from there to Moscow attacked the police. In what other country in the world can it? The responsibility for this disaster lies not only on the president, but also for me.

With me, in general, everything is clear. But I still continue to save the harsh sarcastic sneer.

Comrades, fiercely demanding of any statist immediately respond personally for the full biography of Putin, Kadyrov, and at the same time why not sit as Chubais and sawed into Transneft and why Tajiks have attacked police and what happened to the submarine "Kursk" and why falling aircraft and who answer for all that — I can say the following. Your conscience is by far cleaner than mine. Your hands — my cleaner. Your biography — cleaner than mine.

But I have a country, and the fate of the deal, which gives me hope that on my tombstone it will be possible to write something else besides the two dates ".

All this "irreconcilable" are blind.

However, they should not be judged too harshly.

Helplessness most of our "patriotic" politanalitiki associated with the obvious fact that the Russian people, thank God, do not by nature a people-thinker. Rational, rational worldview alien to Russian soul. Russian man lives not by the mind and the heart — that is alive, powerful feeling. That is why it is so strong and tenacious. The feeling of the heart, whether it be love or hate, anger or humility — a force far greater than the bare idea, backed by logical reasoning dead, not alive and active rush.

And in politics Russian people, by and large, does not want to understand anything. He wants to feel wanted to believe. Love it or hate it, because only the strong, overpowering sense of living Russian heart. And if the emotion took possession of our hearts, there is no force in the world, able to resist us, no troubles and obstacles that we would be unable to survive and overcome in order to quench the thirst of your heart say? burn the heart of love, the holy wrath of the shrine or trampled age-old dream of justice.

Here lies the challenge for the current government.

Today, the whole world has come to move. The war on the threshold, which means that future global cataclysms will require the Kremlin to harness the strength and power of Russian heart. But the current owners of the Kremlin that, alas, can not.

Putin may be the same respect as an "effective manager", they can even admire how skillful politician, but to love … This is too much. Well, he does not pull on the love! .. So, and the prince, on a full-fledged national leaders to the people of the Father is not drawn. In any case, as long as we need him … And soon it will be the leader and father — a strong-willed, stern, self-sacrificing.


The Advocate and Mediator between God and men.

It was such intermediaries for their subjects were anointed of God Russian Orthodox Emperors, in the heyday of the Russian Empire at the height of its greatness and power. Russian imperial throne has always been the main point of the mystical, connecting heaven and earth, the Russian government on nizvodyaschey the grace of God, filling the higher, timeless sense of service to the King, the homeland and the people […]


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