A. Fyaduta: My book was the best gift in the president’s entourage

During the week we will open a discussion changes that occur in people’s minds. And on Friday this topic specially prepared sound transmission. And now a question of Russian and current library
Ulitenok: "Alexander, what is your library?"
Fyaduta: "10 thousand copies?"
Ulitenok: "And all this — in the apartment?"
Fyaduta: "In one room, an ordinary three rubles"
Ulitenok "Share bibliyafilichnymi observations about a half-forgotten Russian period?"
Fyaduta: "Great books are distributed the same way, just like salami!"
Ulitenok: "What was in the" zagashnikah "Russian libraries?"
Fyaduta: "Books are the dissidents were not there — a dark day stored, for example," Angelica ", from the mind-blowing and adventure series."
Ulitenok: "Total — is fundamentally the time — there was a lot apart from the fact, which was forbidden for ideological reasons … "
Fyaduta: "… or even allowed, but quite a bit. For all that, you’re right: funds had the opportunity to constantly replenished. And what I know at this point about the institute libraries, the situation is quite bad. "
Ulitenok "Chapaev and emptiness" … It is appropriate to mention about One of the most vserasprostranennyh Russian interests — knigazbiralnitstva. "
Fyaduta: "We have in Grodno was eminent doctors dynasty — Nichiporuk. So in their library I read a novel, a newspaper with Solzhenitsyn’s" One funny day of Ivan Denisovich. "
Ulitenok: "At the moment there are too typical" underground "books — say, your political biography about him and Lukashenko same — Pavel Sheremet and Svetlana Kalinkina …"
Fyaduta: "My, for example, some Time wasand the best gift in the presidential, surrounded by luxury. "
Ulitenok: "What is the fate of the former luxury book collections — they disappear?"
Fyaduta: "At the moment they are many of the owners or heirs of help to survive. On This time — at the physical level. "
Ulitenok: "What is the main difference between the current libraries and those Russian?"
Fyaduta: "Earlier there was a system that limits the ability of your use taxes, but just the same system made it possible to provide all the same books of the population. Now there is a restrictive ideological filter, but collapsed financial system, which would allow the reader to use these libraries with new books in them. "

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