A. Fyaduta: Now times more lyudazhernyya …

Fyaduta: The best journalists still have not been contacted on political topics. Eugene Rich, Anatoly Agranovskaya Tatiana Fez — masters in the other.
Ulitenok: A Belarusian?
Fyaduta: I do not remember them. In memory float Farid Seyfulmulyukav Gerasimov, Bovina … They were allowed to read something not about us — but about foreigners.
Ulitenok: Thanks to them, we knew what happiness was born in the USSR …
Fyaduta: Not necessarily. After all, for example, there was a difference between Vladimir Dunayev and Valentin Zorin. And when the war began — in Vietnam or Nicaragua, Chile — yes, of course they were enemies!
UlitenokBut they do not breed in the Russian society hatred for those abroad.
FyadutaBrezhnev. Brezhnev era were less lyudazhernymi.
Ulitenok: A Belarus then did not have its own international journalists?
Fyaduta: One was — Igor Dylevsky. Led "Panorama of the Week", recognizing that it — repetition. And so trying to be slightly different. They — "dumanniki." He — lyricist … Actor!
Ulitenok: In his heirs also missing artistry. But it’s totally different people …
Fyaduta: Now times over lyudazhernyya … And if you look, that at one time the emperor Zimouski read, and allowing yourself to present the Belarusian TV, then … Not that even the emperor Dylevsky, and Moscow comrades at the time did not allow himself to talk about the way people with whom you can be the management of the country will have to sit at the negotiating table.
Political journalism has now become shameless profession.

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