A healthy immune system disease say No!

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"The main thing — health, and the rest will follow …" — we used to say. But because we care about your health? Somebody is doing exercises in the morning? Hardening? Vaccinated annually against influenza? Checkups at the clinic, takes the analyzes?

Right now underway attacking us flu and cold. Reliable prophylaxis against these viruses — a complete work of our immune system. And what are we to make of this? At best buy vitamins that honestly put on the "most prominent" and forget about them …

Unfortunately, at the peak of the epidemic season weakened immune system can no longer help or charging, or herbal infusions of Grandma's medicine cabinet. In this case, for the prevention of colds and flu doctor may prescribe immunomodulators, they can be applied for treatment in the adjuvant therapy. They affect the immune system so that it can be active against pathogens that penetrate into the body.

Pills "Polioksidoniy" — is a simple way to prevent colds, course, on average, lasts 10 days. A unless cold already put him to bed, "Polioksidoniy" can be used in complex therapy. "Polioksidoniy" stimulates the production of interferon, which prevents the propagation of pathogens.

An important property of "polioksidoniya" — its ability to prevent the development of complications. Often attached to a viral infection bacterial, and against this background, acute otitis media, acute sinusitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and even pneumonia. In these cases, "Polikosidony", taken in conjunction with antibiotics, can help to quickly put the patient on his feet, and weakness.

"Polioksidoniy" approved for use in children aged from 6 months. It is compatible with other drugs and thus does not cause adverse reactions. Before using the product, consult your doctor.

No wonder the drug manufacturers say with "polioksidoniem" healthy immune system and protect against colds provided!


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