A.Klinav: Europe is tired of bad news from Belarus

Bushlyakov: "Why did you come to Brussels that awaits you there?"
Wedges: "In Brussels, the presentation of my book" Driving book on Township Sun, "published last year by the publishing house" Suhrkamp Verlag "in Germany. At the moment, I have this book prezentam in Paris and Brussels. "
"It lacks any real cultural product of Belarus"
Bushlyakov: "In Paris the other day presentation of your novel started a month Belarusian culture. Which stereotypes regarding Minsk you encounter in Paris?"
Wedges: "The French and Europeans in general know more about a political Belarus disk imaging, with the negative side. There is a feeling that this day is very lacking real cultural product of Belarus — books, movies … Basically Europe is tired of bad news from Belarus, she wants and expects another look. In this sense, it seems to me, my book was received warmly and enthusiastically — now in Europe really have interest in Belarus. "
Bushlyakov: "During the presentation in Paris or previous presentations or asked a question for you, why Minsk — City of the Sun?"
Wedges: "It happened that Minsk in fact is one of the more unique cities in Europe, no relevant Sun City in Europe does not exist, and it is clear that such a presentation, such sights on Minsk has attracted interest in our town.
Naturally, the question "Why specifically Minsk — City of the Sun?" Appears. Here have to explain starting with the history of its origin, because it is natural that he appeared in the history of Belarus is not the case, and in my book this historical line that determines why specifically at us it came out, it is. Basically such questions appear constantly. "
"Publisher" Suhrkamp Verlag "invited me to lecture to expand the book"
Bushlyakov: "Your project began as a visual poem, romance lasts … Previous literary novel you have not been contacted. What is needed, to start writing books? "
Wedges: "You know, it really is my first book, although the desire to write a literary work which I had already a long time. And I think it’s totally logical result of my previous work: I worked as a conceptual art and conceptual art works more thoughts than with the materials, in principle, it is the logical outcome, because when you work with thoughts, then at some point you come to the most adequate, the usual form of transmission — verbal.
Although that deals specifically with this book, it was a happy confluence of events, as I ordered her publishing house "Suhrkamp Verlag" particularly at a time when there was size, actions of the past year, and in Germany was really a lot of enthusiasm to our country, and little has been much disk imaging on Belarus. Coincidentally, while I was in Berlin Township lecture on the Sun, and I received an offer to extend lecture notebook, write about» great product. "
Bushlyakov: "This novel is read in German, French and British are ready options. Belarus until virtually none of this novel is not read. When will the Belarusian version?"
Wedges: "She was actually ready, and I think that it is a question of months — we have already passed it to the printer, and is now depending on how rapidly the technical aspects will be addressed destinations. I think that before the end of the year it is, for sure, must seem. I’m waiting for the Belarusian version because at the present moment I I can tell, I’m still only German writer … Naturally, writers in Belarus I can call itself only after the books. "
"This book was written more than a euro reader"
Bushlyakov: "Like you could briefly describe this novel to interest more people?"
Wedges: "Composition of the novel consists of 3 lines. 1st line — memoirs malehankih boy, who was born in the Township of the Sun. Novel and begins:" I was born in the Township of the Sun. " This boy — this is me, this is the real memoirs of my youth. This boy looks at this phantasmagoric city extensively disclosed eyes, with great sentimental recollections of his childhood in this town, in the country of happiness, in which he was born.
Second line — the boy grows from a different perspective interprets this city knows about his philosophy, aesthetics. And the third line — a line of historical, that has provide the reader with the highest information about the country and answer the question why the City of the Sun appeared specifically we specifically in Minsk.
And since this book was written more than a euro a reader, I wanted to give the maximum disk imaging on Belarus, not in a dry analytical form, and specifically in the art, and these three bands are doing a little unusual composition, where there is a personal story from the perspective of the person at the same time — from the perspective of the boy whose story can not be sincere, and this time, I think the euro is captivating the reader, it’s not just the story of the town, and the story of the town through the personal memoirs of man. "

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