A little about Polish mysleprestupnikah

The news on the internet about a soldier who died in Afghanistan.

Comment by this news, saying the following:

«A niech gina, kto kazal im tam jechac, napasc i mordowac Afganczykow. Pytam, kto dal im takie prawo. Czym Afganczycy sobie zasluzyli, by Polacy wtracali sie w nie swoje sprawy »
"And let die, who forced them to go there, to attack and kill Afghans. I asked who gave them that right. The more ordinary Afghans deserved to Poles interfere in other people's affairs"

Can you imagine what it would be in Russia after such a comment? That's right — nothing. Some journalists on the air any "Oh Musqueam" allow yourself at times steeper statements. What is there to talk about a news commentary from ordinary mortals.

A storm broke out in Poland.

All media published the article that the Internet calling the murders of our soldiers!

Prosecutors quickly found the culprit who wrote this criminal comment.

Recently here was a criminal trial, "calls for the murder of Polish soldiers."

The court was VERY loud.

62-year-old man has violated the law by "and let die" was found guilty and sentenced to a fine. Although the judgment was mild (for this article, he was threatened with a real jail time), the Polish Ministry of Defence has expressed satisfaction with the verdict.
As the representative of MON
«Internetowi siewcy nienawisci nie moga sie juz czuc bezkarni.»
"An online sowers of hatred can no longer feel unpunished"

Court waits another 56 (!) Commenters, endorsing one way or another in his comments on the internet, the death of Polish soldiers volunteered to conquer Afghanistan …

This is the way of freedom of speech and democracy. To be honest — this kind of news, especially comparing them with some news from Russia — just give me a complete similarity of schizophrenia. Impunity in a totalitarian and dictatorial Russia. And the systematic, thorough baiting of any of the first and the slightest protest and alternative views in a free and democratic Poland.

That's really — you feel mad — when you read the news at the same time on the Polish and Russian …


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