A note on the Echo of Moscow The truth about the American way of life. They are well-groomed, slim and do not smoke

The Olden Days alex-serdyuk-and asked to make out a note on the Echo of Moscow "The truth about the American way of life. They are well-groomed, slim and not smoking »(http://www.echomsk.spb.ru/blogs/gluhova/9168.php). There a journalist for a couple of days, flew to America and have already told all The truth about how the world works. 

Naturally, all of its note — solid "Epic Fail". Because it is impossible for the country to make a proper judgment, having been there a couple of days. 

For starters, why I can not believe more than a journalist? 

1. Because I have the experience of traveling and I know how misleading is the first impression of the country and its citizens. When you — tourist Aboriginal language difficulties, you are automatically calls all smile and willingness to help. So the first few months you see around you only "good", "smiling" and "responsive" foreigners quite dissimilar to eternally gloomy Russian. But should you citified in the new society, and to merge with the crowd, as the world turns rainbow: no one else sees you a foreign tourist. You start to take over, "come in large numbers" of immigrant and react is somewhat different. 

2. The first few months of my stay in the U.S. I have avoided making any value judgments. Because they are all in anyone would be false. At the moment I am studying in the United States of American students for almost 1.5 years. I was in the following states: New York, Massachusetts, Florida, California and Nevada (every state has traveled between two and five cities). One and a half years — the term is also insufficient to find America. But I have long accustomed myself to speak only what I know for sure. I am absolutely not ashamed to admit ignorance of the fact that I do not know. 

3. By profession I am a scientist, that is specially trained to observe and make objective conclusions based on what he saw. 

So there you go. Approval of the journalist in bold. True or false — in bold italics, and then — a brief explanation. 

Echo of Moscow journalist: "I will say this: in the Russian thick — about as well as places and more." 

The degree of error journalist: Epic Fail 

A small digression: I have a Chinese friend who has lived six years in Russia. He tells me that in Russia a lot of fat, because in China there is no fat at all. Especially strongly it is surprising how Russian women get fat after giving birth: China's women no such tendency. He explained this by the fact that the Russians have more money for food. What I mean to say, in general, in Russia people eat more than in China. 

Ok, now about America: 

In America, thick naaamnogo more than in Russia — 30% of the population. What does the word "fat" do not dare to say. In Russia I have never seen so fat people I daily (stress — daily) litsezreyu on U.S. streets.
Obesity USA 

Very often obese black woman: every other black woman has an ass in three girth. One in three black woman's ass in a five girths and the same "waist". Zhirnota black women is strongly correlated with age and childbirth. The standard picture of the bus: fat black woman and a brood of 3-5-lean Negro. Negros-obese men rarely come across, but also more common than in Russia (it is a mega-joke). For the record: Blacks in the U.S. is not much — 12.5%. 

White obese less frequently: every third white American — with a fat ass. One in ten has a bench of three seats on the bus (this is not a joke and not an exaggeration). White has little obesity is correlated with age, fat pigs have been circulating white teenagers. Fat so that the skin on their legs broken, and there are characteristic liniii — stria gravidarum — which are usually observed in pregnant women because of the increased size of the abdomen. White fat guys are almost as often as white fat ladies, can only rarely sympathetic. 

But that's not all. Part of fatty rides a wheelchair or on a three-wheeled car with a motor. Not because they are paralyzed, but because they raise your carcass without shortness of breath may not. In Russia, you see, this one can not be found. Here — very often, the norm. 

However (!) Those Americans who are not obese, usually very lean on the sport. Country of contrasts, but more on that below. 

Journalist: "America … quit smoking." 

And here it is — true 

The absence of smokers in the United States is striking is not so clearly as the presence of fat, but catches. Smokers are, but they are literally one. During the week you can not find a single one. 

America quit smoking long ago — 20 years ago. Our professor at the University said that in her childhood (1960), the Americans were smoking the polls (the cult of Marlboro cowboy). Smoked her parents, neighbors, neighbors, neighbors, etc., more than 80% of the population in the apartments directly at children. 

Smoking had declined when there were credible evidence linking smoking and cancer of different organs (not just the lungs). Americans love all over the accuracy and calculation: there is no proof — you can smoke. There is evidence — no smoking. 

This fact struck me very much, because I was sure that the lower the percentage of smokers / drinkers in society is impossible. Now I know that you can. 

"On the streets you meet a crowd of women and men with the same poluatleticheskimi figures." 

Sooo great exaggeration. In general, we are with the author, apparently, for various walked the streets, because the first ones to catch the eye on my street — fat and disabled people in wheelchairs. 

Nevertheless, there are also athletic. The overall impression is that America is living two separate peoples: bold and athletic, and they are not mixed in the same way as there are not mixed black and white. 


Food in America is great, especially meat (different kinds of steaks). Although, in Russia it's all too long been present. In general, the food is not very different from ours: the range in hypermarkets is almost the same. And the foundation of American cuisine — meat, potatoes and bread. Americans are very fond of salted cucumbers. Of course, there are differences: in America there is no buckwheat, no brown rye bread (white Italian bread is different from ours), but there is a pumpkin (thousands of varieties) which are used in very different dishes. Soups in America almost all cheese — thick and opaque. Americans like sodas. They believe that if Coca-Cola and Sprite are sold in the stores — so it is a healthy food. 

Americans are afraid of fast food and very concerned about their obesity. But I am more than confident that obesity has happened to them is not from fast food, but from the fact that they simply eat too much. 

"Americans generally eat a lot of vegetables." 

Exaggeration. Many times been at a dinner party, did not notice that eating more vegetables than in Russia. 

Americans believe in the «organic vegetables» — this is when the manufacturer officially states that do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers in growing their vegetables and fruits. "Organic" Vegetables and fruits look just like normal, but there are 3-6 times more expensive, which is clearly not conducive to their frequent consumption. 

"I do not see at all times, except to our Russian company gained some chocolate or crisps. I wonder who eats them when the Russian leave. " 

Feil. American students eat chips all the time, right in the classroom. However, the Russian students also constantly eating chips. 

"I do not know, or they check the calorie ingredients, but every once in a store, I met a couple of buyers zamerevshih over a jar with jam or ice cream packaging." 

Big Fail. The reporter tried to ice cream, but I did not try the American cookie. American pastries, cakes, Cake and other sweet candy — it's just a light mascara. They are so pereslascheny that seem sweeter than sugar. In doing so they necessarily add pieces of chocolate, nougat or other extra-sweet stuff. There is a Russian man can not be — teeth reduces. 

In addition to baking Americans are constantly eating their "sneakers" and "Mars" — as usual starters, it's not fast food — means no harm. Such a huge carbohydrate load leads to the fact that in addition to obesity, Americans are ahead of the rest on diabetes. 

Personally, I think that sweets and carbohydrates — this is the main cause of obesity among Americans, and not fast food. 

"They are well maintained, they, like, in general, all in wealthy countries, good skin, great teeth bleached almost to the blue." 

It is not true. 

Did not notice much difference here. Different. Men often go with bristles that have impressed me — I'm too lazy to shave. Clothing is always a bit battered — it almost never ironed. And I so do not stroked — convenient. 

Very different fashion in American women: 

— Americans have little use for make-up, because of what appear to be not as attractive as they could be. Maybe because it brought up in religious families, perhaps because emancipated. 

— American women rarely wear tights, almost never. Rarely wear heels, almost never. 

— Prefer clothes sport coat, like sneakers. 

"All of our statements about the most beautiful women — a myth." 

Not true, not a myth. 

First, I note that the woman is very rarely able to judge the beauty of women. Most often, women feel ugly women beautiful and vice versa — so, women's instincts. Adequately assess the beauty of women, only men can, with the standards of beauty in men is very, very unified. Men are different assessments of the movies, but not women. Because we focus on quite clear pleasing roundness and aspect ratio. 

What we have in America? 

— 30% of Americans — fat, immediately disappear. 

— 12% of them — the Negro, of which caught beautiful mulatto (with a moderately large booty, wasp waist and delicate features), but very rarely. 

— Irish fun, red and curly, but from head to toe in freckles and with parchment skin. 

— Among white, and if you see a beautiful — usually Russian or Ukrainian, or parents — immigrants from Ukraine or Russia. 

— Awesome beautiful women is among Hispanics. But Latinos generally low. 

— The Americans who were in Russia, constantly buzzing in my ears about how many beautiful women in Russia. 

— I think that's all very seriously degrades ignoring ordinary American women cosmetics and their passion for sports style clothing. In Russia there are a lot of ordinary girls, skillfully highlighting its appeal with makeup, pantyhose and heels. 

"[Among Russian] Dress we have learned so far one." 

??? no comments 

First, our women dress very feminine, I do not know what problems need to have a vision to not notice it. Second, Americans are not that bad dress, but they greatly emancipated. In Russia it usually lesbians dress — sneakers, kengurushnik and sports pants adidas (in summer — the usual shorts). 

But! According to some polls holidays American students wear pantyhose, heels, plus put a plaster on themselves (that is, all that they have, but kept in the back box). It looks like hell — painted like dolls, heels tuck, it is clear that doing it a couple of times a year. 


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