A.Povelitel: In Russia, Putin will be a collective

Member of the House of Representatives prior convocation Sergei Skrabets states afterdnie acts Russian authorities remind him of the situation in Belarus:
"Unfortunately, at the moment there is, in my opinion, are the same processes seizure of power that took place in Belarus in 1996 and 2006. Certainly, there is whipping up the personality cult of Vladimir Putin. It recalls that what’s happening on the Belarusian National Assembly and the last meeting of "snow-white Russia."
Whereas previously we had hopes for Russia as a democratic country, which will help our fight against the illegitimate regime of Lukashenko, now they disappear. Already at this point, you can read that these elections will not be fair, since they happen all that visited the elections in Belarus. "
Member Sojma BPF, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Galina Semdyanova states that it will not track down the Russian elections:
"I’m not interested, because what the elections did not allow international observers, have imposed restrictions, suggests Our homeland that once again goes to some tricks. I know about the results later. And I will motivate only one — whether realized no idea about this? "
Member of the House of Representatives , Owed claims he makes "very severe» SUR analysis elections in Russia." He was confident that the "United Our homeland" get to choose most of the constitutional:
"One Our homeland" is not just the owner of the legislature. She will have legislative, executive and all other authorities. Completely clear that the Prime Minister — a "Unified Our homeland", the president — "United Our homeland", all the ministers — "United Our homeland". We are facing a new factor, which occurs in Russia. "
Sovereign Gaiduchevici believes that Belarusian politicians must quickly respond to the Russian actions:
"We may be faced with a very fascinating situation where, for example, our Minister of Industry, Minister of Energy or hear from their own Russian colleagues:" I — a member of the "United Russia," and everything will be decided by the supreme council of "United Russian Federation." And it is entirely clear that this will happen. "
Chief editor of the newspaper "New Era" Lord Alexei states that for Russian elections he would watch from the labor of debt:
"The result of these elections has actually long been predicted and expected." United Our homeland "is there to take most, even most of the constitutional. That scenario, which razygravavsya in the election campaign, the goal defined.
But the most important outcome of the election — political. This is what is called collective Putin when the parliament and the executive will work in one direction. "
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