A.Prohanov: Country-animal


After the disappearance of the Soviet Union, America dropped the muzzle. Revealed a terrible mug with bloody eyes, with yellow foam at the mouth, which protrude from the tusks of missiles and aircraft carriers. Today's America — a new type of state, never existed before in history. We still tend to view America through the eyepiece of morality and ethics, attitudes and democratic principles of freedom. We still believe that America is living up to the charter, which was written sometime founding fathers. But America — is the state animal is, the State animal with a steaming iron wool, on which the brand is "666".

Visionaries have guessed this already when America dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When she started a provocation in the Gulf of Tonkin to expose the carpet bombing of North Vietnam. When she blew up their own twin towers that then shoveled the entire Islamic East. When she mouths deceiver Powell claimed that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction, and later, when Iraq has turned into ruins, falsely apologized for the mistake.

Today, America — the embodiment of cosmic darkness. The world's evil, wandering around the continent, trying to make a nest in one country or another, everyone has come to America. And it was the fact that in the sacred texts called the state of the Antichrist. Black monster with the Nobel Peace dove on the shoulder of membranous wings covered the ground. From his clawed paws rained bombs on the ground, the bulb with biological weapons. And all mankind, as a captive butterfly, beating a brutal murderous web of a spider.

Obama will not bomb Syria because he is will advise congressmen or geopolitics, Jewish lobbyists or officers of the Navy. He will do this by the precepts of the forefathers of the tribe Shedim that wandered in the deserts of stories, waiting for his moment of glory.

Star of America, sloshing blood, tomahawks carved on the back of humanity. Middle East looks like a great harp with taut strings. Strike one string will cause hum and roar of the rest. And we will hear the music of the end of the world. Syria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, Lebanon, Russia, China — here it is, a musical instrument that zagrohochet at the first impact of the American cruise missile in Damascus mosque.

"At first, Syria — then Russia." I have seen these clumsy — in Russian — the inscriptions engraved on the walls of the defeated bandits Darayya near Damascus. Inscriptions left by the militants of Al-Qaeda, which has turned the country into a blooming burning ashes.

Russian pacifists tell us that today's Russia is not in danger, that she had no enemies that she is living in a safe world. Therefore, do not spend money on defense, resist the militaristic frenzy. Everyone who says it — liars, Obama's toadies, the peacekeepers with a sting snake. All of them will leave Russia the day before applying for her hit. First Syria, then Iran, then Russia, then everywhere. We want to plant in the train of death, where the driver peacemaker pops out of the cab before the structure will fall into the abyss.

Get out of the illusion! America — a cruel enemy who destroyed the Soviet Union, and ready to destroy Russia. As soon as possible to restore the Russian military-industrial complex, destroyed by Gaidar and chubaysovtsami. It should create a combat system that can conduct operations in space, under water and on land. Block organizational weapon States, which plunges its poison darts into the consciousness of the Russian people.

In these pre-war years, the strategic alliance between Russia and China is inevitable. Putin's arms program is not sufficient, for a jerk, which he spoke, jerk liquidating technological gap must be accompanied by a jerk of the whole ideology and social psychology. Should revive such thing as a defense consciousness, the sanctity of Russian weapons, defensive philosophy, sacrifice and heroism, the doctrine of the Russian victory. This is the wall against which America will break cruise missiles, the rays of its long-range lasers.

Next to the defense plants and silos are altars. They fire Orthodoxy, Russian messianism, the idea of the world as a battlefield, where fighting is not just the army, not just a political and ideological systems, and agreed to limit global fight cosmogony — cosmogony cosmogony of light and darkness.

If the U.S. wins this battle beast, so the idea of the Lord, the Maker of this world as brightening up the light in the darkness, as the desire of the created mankind to a higher ideal of goodness, beauty and love — this idea is wrong. So, is not true and the Lord himself. A true black bat, generating total darkness, which again envelop the world, turning it into a bloated bathhouse with a black spider in the corner.

But this is impossible. God is not mocked. The idea of God can not be undone. In the battle of light and darkness, the light will win. With the black giant with netopyrinymi wings fall off his nasty ear. Since it will slip his black leather. And he is reduced to the size of a squirrel skinned carcass, which will throw stones at the outskirts of Aleppo. And she would pine away under the Syrian sun.


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