Abroad can Kozulin. And the President?

Ministry of Internal Affairs explain confusing question as to be charged to the former presidential candidate and a criminal record if he has the right to travel abroad. Recall: after August 16 Alexander Kozulin released from prison, the Interior Ministry said that a conviction is not removed from it. It was first confirmed in September and senior Supreme Court Valentin Sukala. Meanwhile, yesterday, October 7, the deputy head of the council of movement and nationality Aleksei Begun told "ERB" that Alexander Kozulin has an "exit from the country." On this basis, the media came to the conclusion that the conviction of opposition leader charged. At the request of the situation explained to Radio Liberty manager MIA press service Oleg Slepchenko:
"There are already clear, just right legal casuistry. So now, with a criminal record expunged. But due to the decree of amnesty, he falls under article 96 of the Penal Code which is considered" a person exempt from the impending execution. " On this basis, and it was excluded from the lists of those who are not allowed to travel abroad. Can he run for president? This does not matter to me. "
Alexander Kozulin is currently in Brussels, his mobile phone is switched off. According daughter Policy Julia Kazulina, the family has no clarity about the conviction of his father, because no one beheld the decree of Alexander Lukashenko for a pardon:
"We do not know ourselves, removed a conviction or not. How can we tell if not beheld this decree? Pope instructed a lawyer to find this document, because nowhere in the database it is not."
Lawyer Alexander Kozulin Dmitry Harachka said pardons Alexander Kozulin he did not beheld. Could this be the position of the decree overturned? The lawyer did not exclude:
"Explain to understand. Remember this criminal case Vladislav Turkina, it "Minsk-Lada"? As it pardoned. With the removal of criminal records, with the return of all property. So Makar, in our country can be anything. "
According to the lawyer Dmitry Harachka he recommended Alexander Kozulin "appeal to the appropriate authorities with a request to see a copy of the decree for a pardon."
According to the lawyer Dmitry Harachka overturned only when Alexander Kozulin will be able to participate in the next presidential election in 2011.

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