According to exit poll Fund Public opinion in the Duma passed 4 games

According to exit poll voting was followed by this:
"One Our homeland" — 62.3%
Communist Party — 11.8%
Liberal Democratic Party — 8.4%
Fair Our homeland — 8.3%
Other parties participating in the elections, could not overcome the 7 percent barrier. According to exit poll Land Party gained 2.7%, "Apple" — 2.2%, ATP — 1.3%.
• In the elections to the Legislative Assembly of Kamchatka "United Our homeland" gaining more than 70%, 2.12.2007 • 66% of Russians believe that the Duma elections unfree, 2.12.2007 • G.Kasparav "It elections without choice", 2.12.2007 • I. Rynkevich: "Parliamentary campaign in Russia more recalls "lukashizatsii" the electoral process and in this country", 2.12.2007 • Photo: How Russians voted in Minsk?, 2.12.2007 • How galasavalasya Russian Belarusians?, 2.12.2007 • Our homeland: Gennady Zyuganov does not believe that the votes have been counted correctly, 2.12.2007 • A.Povelitel: "In Russia, will be the" collective Putin ", 1.12.2007 • Poll: what is the difference and what similar elections in Russia and Belarus? , 1.12.2007

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