According to the index of human development Belarus ahead of all CIS countries

The program of the UN Development publishes annual report on human development, since 1990. Document developed by a group of professionals with international-independent implementation of the country’s official statistics. Adviser says Consulate Office in Belarus Vladimir Shcherbov:
"The basic concept of human development — is that the person had the ability to choose the way of life that he wants. And for that income — a very important point: no income — no ability to choose how to live better. But decided to add two more components to further cover these abilities freedom: people should be educated and healthy. So makarom, three components: income per capita, the adult literacy rate and the expected length of life at birth. "
Naturally, the ratio of 3 components of the index in Belarus is rather uneven. The largest contribution to the growth rankings — level of education. For this indicator, Belarus ranks 33rd in the world. The expected life span of less than cheers (106th). GDP per capita in terms of purchasing power parity opportunities (7918 dollars) brought Belarus 72nd. Outlook adviser Consulate Office in Belarus Vladimir Shcherbau:
"What Belarus moved up three places, this naturally fun, but in the past it took place and 53, and 62, and the sixty-seventh in these rankings, we hopped back and forth. But all this time absolute value of the index slowly, slowly grows. "
In calculations based index of human development — government statistics, and later used a difficult mathematical formula calculations. Employee of the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Tatiana Vodolazhskaya reads as follows:
"Official number from us, in 1-x, the highest enough, and I think it can be fully. Generally, it is the socio-economic characteristics, rather than any political, which Belarus was would be more far. A socio-economic indicators we look more presentable. And I think it’s completely fair place. "
The first places in the list Islyandyya, Norway, Canada, closes the table Sierra Leone. Please 1990s Belarus was in the ranking next to the Baltic countries. Lithuania is now, for example, a 43-site, Ukraine ranks 76 in the rating, Tajikistan — 122.
Outlook adviser Consulate Office in Belarus Vladimir Shcherbau:
"Certainly, human development is not confined to any income or education. Yet there is political freedom and everything else. But these things are very difficult to define. Since it be some tsiferki index, which would be calculated not on the basis of expert views, and on the facts, because that’s how the index is calculated. "
• Q: Consulate Office in Belarus State published a report on human development in 2000 ", 10.01.2001

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