Afghanistan as the U.S. military cemetery unaccounted for

This fall, one of the most discussed topics of the American segment of the Internet has become a topic of growing casualties in Afghanistan because of the attacks on the soldiers and intelligence personnel of NATO member states from the "friendly" Afghan police and military. As of September 2012 only officially recorded 60 such cases, killed more than a hundred American soldiers, almost as many were injured to varying degrees of severity. Because of this, the CIA was forced to hastily initiate a review of the amount of compensation to the families of their dead employees, until recently, is only 1 (one) thousand dollars for the funeral.

The famous saying goes: the death of a person — a tragedy, the death of tens of thousands of people — statistics. Another adage says, there are three kinds of lies — lies, big lies, and just statistics. Once again, these rules are confirmed today in Afghanistan, where attacks on NATO forces occur almost every day. In early October of this year, the channel CNN reported a new confirmed those irretrievable loss of the U.S. — 2002 people. According to unofficial data, this figure is an underestimate, according to conservative estimates, half the … Simply put, uncounted victims of statistics is quite possible to equip an army cemetery. 

First, the main problem is that there is no single independent and authoritative source of information about the real casualties of the occupation forces. Therefore, U.S. military experts in the field of information and psychological liberty to disclose them to any convenient number. This is done by Goebbels principle that formed the basis of his time in the broadcast "radio voices" ("Freedom", "Voice of America", etc.) who first said something, then he is free to interpret the declared indefinitely, as it profitable. Of course, the Americans to prevent demoralization of its soldiers reportedly deliberately underreporting of casualties. 

Secondly, official statistics only take into account the loss of military personnel — U.S. citizens. However, in the U.S. Army are serving the citizens of other countries who are interested the opportunity to get a so-called green card — a residence permit in the United States — after serving in the "hot spot". In practice, the proportion of non-Americans in the total number of U.S. Army troops up to 60%. These fighters are somewhere between contractors and mercenaries fighting for the money (or a residence permit in the States). The loss of this category of military personnel are not subject to official statistics, the Pentagon, that is, they do not. 

Thirdly, usually in the army reports do not indicate the number of victims of military journalists, most of which are usually linked with the intelligence agencies, as well as various contractors. Also not considered foreigners abducted, killed the kidnappers. 

Fourth, traditionally not disclosed loss secret services and special forces, ie parts, which are usually located in the "hell" of hostilities.

Fifth, there are cases where the U.S. command represented the defeat of his troops as noncombat losses (such as traffic accidents, cases of careless handling of weapons, disease, etc.). In reports of loss does not include soldiers who died of wounds in hospitals, committed suicide, etc. This technique is a "non-combat losses," the U.S. military propagandists used in 1991 — during the first Gulf War. Then, two weeks after the official announcement of the losses (148 people), I suddenly found that in all sorts of accidents and casualties suffered and died nearly 10 times more troops.

Sixth, Washington seeks to "dilute" the so-called international coalition in Afghanistan, the largest possible number of participating countries to reduce their losses, including at their expense. According to CNN, since the beginning of the campaign "Enduring Freedom" in 2001, has already laid down their heads at least 1,190 soldiers and officers from other countries. (This year, though it is far from over, NATO troops in Afghanistan has killed almost two times more than in the past).

Seventh, in Afghanistan (most recently in Iraq) is practically no mention of injuries or rather the degree of severity. Simply put, Private, lost both legs, his right arm and part of the face of deadweight loss is not listed. During the fighting on account of one soldier killed 10 wounded. This "quite low" indicator deaths of soldiers achieved by flak jackets and Kevlar helmets. However, it is this ammunition, protecting vital organs, according to the surgeons, and leads to increased trauma and severe injury. Among returning from combat areas the percentage of Americans wounded mutilated people with amputated one or two limbs and disfigured faces "unusually high."

In addition to serious injuries and injuries there is evidence of numerous problems with the psyche. According to the medical journal «The New England Journal of Medicine», one in six U.S. soldier returning from the war, has psychological problems (depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, etc.). About 20% of Americans evacuated from the theater of war not because of battle damage and diseases, and by "neurological reasons." 

Back in 2004, when Americans were just beginning to get bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq, the U.S. Army has had up to 5,000 deserters. Some of them (the exact data unreported) have sought refuge in Canada. In Canadian society even discussion focused on the feasibility of providing them with shelter. 

In conclusion, we point out that funerals — this is the most terrible weapon for a fully professional army. Already, all military units of the National Guard of the United States Marine Corps to have staff shortages. And new victims hardly lead to an influx of volunteers. It is hoped that once the number of funerals reaches a certain threshold, the average American in mind, finally, the relay clicks, and he even starts to think that breaking into someone's house and trying to put things out there their own rules — not such a good idea .

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