After 30 years, completed the construction of hydropower dams Boguchan

On Boguchan plant was put into the body of the dam last concrete. In practice this means that building, which lasted more than 30 years, completed. Now assemble the last hydroelectric power. By the new year promises to run the latest ninth car.

This event has passed unnoticed, but for all hydrobuilders it became iconic. In total, over three decades, the dam was put almost three million cubic meters of concrete — more than in the pyramid of Cheops. Now turn on the rockfill dam. 

"To bring it up to standard, as opposed to the concrete dam is exposed to such a strain, as laid down by the project; so in order to finish it, to a certain time" — said the director of the construction department of JSC "Organizer Boguchanskaya HPP" Ivan Naidko.

Meanwhile, in the engine room of hydraulic installation is completed. Now experts have 6-car. "Getting tested systems synchronous condenser and transformer braking. This is the additional tests that come under commissioning. They run out in October, and by the time we get permission for permanent operation," — said the chief engineer of JSC "Boguchan plant" Vsevolod Demchenko.

Engine room with a ceiling height of five-story building is almost ready, all nine units will run until the end of this year.

From this angle Boguchanskaya GES not seen a lot of people. Shortly before a concrete canopy will be hidden under the water. In principle, the dam is now ready to take the enormous pressure of the reservoir. In addition, the recently announced and the Irkutsk region's readiness to fill the bed.

And in late August, Yenisey basin management has removed the restriction on filling the reservoir — Energy can safely gain the missing to the project marks 20 meters. Level will recruit up to 2015, it was by this time Boguchan power plant will reach its design capacity.

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