After the election, do not give visas

Belarusian authorities refused on arrival area, the Vice-Speaker of the Estonian Parliament, Vice-President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council Europe Kryystyne Oyuland. Does this mean that the government after the elections vorachivayutsya to the previous practice of dialogue with the European institutions?
As vice president of the Liberal Party Panevrapeyskay Ms. Ojuland meant to visit Minsk in the coming days are and meet with representatives of the Belarusian opposition and the French ambassador, who represents the EU presidency in Belarus. The visit was prepared several months back and had the aim of expanding their own contacts. Ms. Ojuland also motivate the situation in Belarus after the election. But the Belarusian authorities denied her a visa.
"This does not mean that we will reduce our contacts with our friends in Belarus, — said in an interview with" Freedom "Kryystyna Ojuland. — We’ll find a place in the various states. In Europe can meet. Naturally, I would be very pleased, and I personally was very willing to come to Minsk. I do not know what I did against your country, or even more so against your people. "
Recall that during the election campaign in Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, repeated more than once that individual compounds are uncorrected observer missions that were allowed to come to all.
But after the elections, it appears authorities vorachivayutsya to an old practice? This Ms. Ojuland said:
"I was taken aback that during elections gave visas those people, which usually denied. But it was a show, on the one hand. And on the other — they were members of the delegation of the OSCE. Lukashenko would be difficult to deny those who have been a member of the OSCE delegation. It was a political maneuver, a political game. "
Ms. Ojuland said that the elections in Belarus were not democratic. And in order to join the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Belarus needs to keep European standards and principles. Ms. Ojuland is a member of the Subcommittee on Belarus in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and considers it necessary to continuing the dialogue. As it relates to the lifting of sanctions against Belarus?
"The position is not yet clear. Various EU countries discussions are question. And in this sense, very sorry that I was not able to come to this week, because we in parliament discussions are also this question. So very sorry. "
Foreign Ministry spokesman Belarus Andrei Popov about the circumstances of the visa denial parliamentarian Kryystyne Ojuland said:
"International practice allows us not to comment on such cases. And we want to use it."
Political scientist Yuri Chausov recalls that not to let parliamentarians in Belarus — Belarusian authorities is a common practice:
"At time even the emperor McCain was not allowed in Belarus. Often these conflicts occur with Polish parliamentarians. Everyone knows that there is a fairly large list zabugornyh public activists who can not visit Belarus. In this case, this is evidence that the Belarusian regime is not changed. And the steps that Belarus is trying to do in a westerly direction, show some great openness — is only partially demonstrative act. And the right hand does not know making the left. "

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