Agency for Environmental Protection of the budget spends tens of billions of dollars, and few people know — what

Agency for Environmental Protection (EPA) was the most expensive federal agency in the United States. The annual budget of the department was $ 11 billion, and that all the rules and regulations EPA — another $ 353 billion. For comparison, that's more than the gross domestic product of Denmark ($ 332 billion) and Thailand ($ 345 billion).

As it turned out, EPA is much more often than other departments publishes and updates the law. For four decades, the Agency has about 150,000 regulations. And no official statistics on the exact number of laws issued by EPA, still does not exist. Office, in fact, can not be controlled Congress, the presidential administration and the independent media.

Representatives of the Republican Party, we recall, have long offered to EPA activities more transparent and less costly. Lately, it seems that financial problems are not interested public ecologists. In the pursuit of clean air and reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, they are taking too costly laws.

Currently, the ranks of the EPA employs more than 17,500 people. Directs the agency expert on chemical engineering Lisa Jackson. It deals with the protection of the environment more than 16 years.

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