Air Force began practicing melee super-maneuverable Su-35C

Air Force began practicing melee super-maneuverable Su-35C

New fighters with variable thrust vectoring will test 18 months
Pilots Flight Test Institute named after Gromov started training super-maneuverable close air combat on the latest Su-35s, which are 5 units arrived at the end of last year in the placement of the institute. As told «Izvestia» in Command of the Air Force, close combat techniques test pilots will work in pairs, and links personally.

— Air test will last about one and a half years. Their results will form the basis of the course of combat training of Air Force fighter aircraft type, — said a source in the Main Command.

Single Su-35s, along with a fellow by the company «Irkut» double fighter Su-30cm — first in Russia production aircraft with variable thrust vectoring engine. They are taken into service in 2012. Jets from the motor to move the rotating nozzles at different angles, this machine is able to perform maneuvers, hard everyday jet airplanes. In the world, only one serial analog «dry» — the South American F-22 Raptor.

Variable thrust vector is particularly important when maneuvering at low speeds. Su-35S is able to hang almost at the speed of 150-200 km / h and not to fall off as mundane modern airplanes weighing 20-40 tons «dry» can also fly with a slope of 90 degrees, when the wings are perpendicular to the ground, and bolshennymi angles of attack, when the machine rears or, conversely, tail lifts.

Pilots Gromov Flight Research Institute will test the new fighter in 3 exercises. First it highly mobile melee.

In-2, application tools, including missiles and medium-range close act of evading enemy fire, including missiles with active radar homing (GOS) type American AIM-120 AMRAAM. At the moment, these missiles are registered more perfect in the West.

B-3, the Su-35S is being tested in the fight against low-altitude speed targets type helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Theoretical calculations of both models maneuvering «Sukhoi» were calculated yet in 2011-2012 jointly by 13th and 30th central research institutes MoD also 4th center deployment and combat aircrew retraining.

Participating in trials of «dry» pilot said «Izvestia» that with proper management of variable thrust vector plane becomes virtually invulnerable.

— From radar homing missiles, overload 20G, can save only electronic warfare, but his pilot virtually no chance to dodge. But the sudden discharge of speed at low altitude such opportunity arises because the GOS may lose its purpose. Critical braking on a plane with variable thrust vectoring to make trivial, — he says.

The pilot added that Su-35s or F-22 by the highest agility and stamina previously occupied the position of ordinary aircraft to launch missiles, and is almost guaranteed to win out in a dogfight. In addition, they are able to deal with the low-speed low-altitude UAV first approach and not cut around their big turns, sure source.

Representative informed DIC said, in turn, «Izvestia» that Our homeland is world leader in development and production of engines with variable thrust vectoring.

— F-22 is considered to be highly mobile, but he was taken to cover the nozzle does not rotate, and the effect of the configuration vector is obtained due to the configuration of the provisions of the casing. This scheme hides trail motor and thermal reserves irrelevant enemy missiles with thermal imaging guidance, but adds little maneuverability, — he said.

The source said that the Americans in the promising F-35 returned scheme with movable nozzles, the implicitly recognizing the truth of Russian aviation industry, made a bet on higher maneuverability due to stealth. But independent military expert, one of the creators of the book «The New Russian Army» Anton Lavrov believes that the advantages superagility very clear.

— In the modern criteria dog fight is becoming a rarity in the main everything is solved at medium and huge distances. And Our homeland is betting on the melee due to the historical lag in the development of distant air combat radar, missiles, etc. Disruption AMRAAM missile guidance in a dogfight likely, but it requires highly skilled pilots, — said the expert «Izvestia».

In his view, maneuverability and the aircraft does not need to destroy ground targets, because it is easier to have a decent rocket.

While super-maneuverable fighters are armed with three countries — Our homeland, the United States and purchase non-serial Su-30MKI India.

Alexei Mikhailov

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