Air Freedom organized a debate between B. and A. Mikhalevich Ivashkevich

December 8-9 in Minsk will host the next congress of the Party of the BPF. Vying for the chairmanship of today’s favorite party Vintsuk Vyachorka and his deputies Viktor Ivashkevich and Mikhalevich. During this week Radio Liberty offers a series of debates between opponents live.
Listen to audio debate between Viktor Ivashkevich and Ales Mikhalevich that led Valery Kalinowski.

Yesterday accomplished discussion with the role Vintsuk Vyachorka and Mikhalevich.
• A. Mikhalevich Vyachorka and answer the questions of "Freedom", 26.11.2007

Listen to audio debate between Vintsuk Vyachorka and Ales Mikhalevich that led Valery Kalinowski.

Why do we pay attention to this event? The answer is simple: since coming to Congress have enthusiasm in Belarusian society. After all, in the 1-x, the criteria of today’s Belarus candidacy controversy, the real and open competition for leadership, which is observed in the BPF, are no exception. And in-2 itself to BNF This time is synonymous with the opposition, it’s oldest party which exists 19 years, which has done much to establish the independence of Belarus, split experienced and participated in almost all campaigns, along with other pripiraniya endured to this day in the complex criteria struggle for democracy, human rights Belarus and the European choice.
All applicants for the post of chairman of the BPF clearly shown themselves in this fight. They share strategic plans, but they have different sights on strategy. As these differences are important for the future state in the BPF, the united democratic forces in Belarus and in general, we try to learn during these debates.
From Mon on Wednesday ranishim air after 7 hours.

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