Alexander Dugin: A new map of Russia

13th year does not exist by itself. It is inscribed between the 12th and 14th. Sami 12th and 14th years — not just numbers, it senses that are placed in the context of Russian history. Putin is absolutely right in saying that our history did not begin in 91-year and end on the 13th. This means that the Russian people and Russian history are a consistent deployment of certain tendencies, expressions and meanings. And in order to determine the plans for the near future, in order to talk about the agenda for the 13th year to look for the next 100 years, it is necessary to keep in mind the fullness of Russian history. To begin with — to summarize the period from the 13th year of the last century to the 13th of the current year.

The German philosopher Edmund Husserl said that time is like music. We understand this only as a musical phrase — a separate note, taken without prior and subsequent piece of music, is meaningless. It makes sense when the melody began to sound. And year life of the country, the period of life of the people — it's kind of a musical phrase that is meaningful only in the context of the whole story, as in a musical composition.

Otherwise, we will hear a cacophony.

Coming 2013th — a separate note. Part of what music it is? In order to talk about it, you need to think of a story. Think history as the history of the nation, the state, politics, society, foreign policy, domestic policy.

Then a year and acquire their meaning, then it is possible to predict, rebounding from a given start improvising melodies. After all, note that we take in the moment — she is born in the mind of a musician before, and not as a result of pushing it to a particular key. He presses a key, because it plays a tune, because for him there is a whole, there is music. So for us in 2013 is to become part of the whole.

At some point in its history remains modern humanity as a whole?

We live in an era of fundamental crisis that is about to turn into a planetary catastrophe. Inertial development of the processes that are deployed right now, and is guaranteed to lead inevitably to the death of people. What is the meaning of this disaster, the approaching close to us?

Humanity has reached the limit of social movement along the path outlined in the New Age: technical and material progress, individualism, and the dismantling of the traditional society and world religions, liberalism, bourgeois consciousness, industrialization, modernization. Europe and America have brought this line to its logical limit, followed by a longer modern, and postmodern. We live in a post-modern. What does this mean? For different zones of land meaning also varies.

For the West, postmodern means that all the basic tasks New Times have been met. Consider, in that it has evolved.

Technology has become autonomous and relaxed, and after a while will create better mechanisms and machines (cyborgs, mutants, clones), which will no longer need people.

The individual is completely pulled away from society and become the focus of postsotsialnoy system: now everyone can think what he wants, do what you want to believe in what he wants, where he wants to live, to behave as he wishes, to choose the gender, country of residence, occupation and identity of my own. In place of the society came postobschestvo, which is composed of individuals. The ideology of human rights superseded all previous forms of collective identity.

All political and economic alternative to capitalism removed from the agenda, the bourgeois market society, where all values are the financial equivalent of the monetarist, definitively established as the only possible one. In this society, everything has a price expressed in figures, all bought and sold. This order was the total money.

Industry developed almost to the complete automation of the main production processes, and the center of the economy has shifted to the financial sector and the service sector. Development projects and the mean cost a lot more than the actual production of real goods. The economy of high technologies — information, communication, etc. — Made a minor industrial area (which is why the major industrial power has shifted from the developed countries on the periphery — the phenomenon of delocalization).

Traditional society and all its institutions — religion, caste, family, and even sexual identity strictly fixed — abolished and dismantled. Upgraded humanity finally broken with tradition in all areas of human life, creating a new man, totally free of any kind was vneindividualnyh (social) constraints. Completed its modernization program and joined the postmodern West.

In the "second world" (the BRICS and other actively modernizing societies that extend beyond the West), the situation is qualitatively different. There are turbulent flows, the rapid modernization and the transition to a post-modern is not accomplished. This means the following.

There is a rapid development of technology and high-tech to catch up with the West in this area. Unable to develop their own designs for exploration of these countries to focus on procuring high-tech and technological secrets for their own simulation on industrial sites. However, in all the key areas of quality observed lag behind the West.

The structure of traditional societies remain very strong and stable in the population. Saved patriarchal, paternalistic model, strong public religious institutions, family and gender identity is not in question. Only a small percentage of individual pro-Western oriented cosmopolitan city residents (mostly young) seeks to emulate the cultural cliché of individualism.

The bourgeois relations just being introduced into the social structure, and remain subordinate to national or social oriented economic model, and combined with the broad economic paternalism. Not all the values still have a financial expression. Capitalism only penetrates deep into these societies, causing sustained response resistance.

Industry is booming (except Russia), and these countries are areas of rapid industrial growth. The main segment of the global industry is moving in them, while the lineup, economic technology and financial levers remain in the hands of the West. This area is becoming a priority space the secondary sector of production on a global scale. Modernization in the early stages, not later, as in the West. There is a transition from a traditional society to a modern society, and in the West — from modern to postmodern society.

There is a third category of countries where modernization is in its infancy and where the structure of traditional societies remain predominant. This includes most of Africa, many countries in Latin America, the Far East, Central Asia and the Pacific. Here social change are external (colonial) and affect only a small portion of the population that is integrated (directly or indirectly) into the "colonial" control.

All of this multi-level system is in crisis. Western sector — in the postmodern crisis, the exhaustion of the process of modernization. Further perspectives of social, cultural, economic, technological and political changes are not obvious, and the West is increasingly asks not whether the false all the way Western civilization in modern times, if he was not a mistake and the beginning of the "decline of Europe", which he wrote Spengler ? Tech replaced the culture, and with it — the human spirit itself. This is very important: if yesterday the West had no doubt that it was his historical path is an example for all the other peoples of the earth, in today's post-modern, it is far from a certainty, and he is faced with the question of the justification of his course, doubts its truth, universality and inevitability. At this all the philosophy and culture of postmodernism, which has become predominant in the West. It is a culture of disappointment, doubt, uncertainty, hesitation and even despair.

Society "second world" is facing a crisis entirely different kind. Modernization drives the mass of a traditional society that breaks the usual structure, but at the same time gives rise to a wave of protest and informed fundamentalism, conservatism and fundamentalism. The emergence of a large number of these societies of citizens due to excessive high demographics, rapid scrapped their way of disseminating information and interactive technology offers the potential for large-scale expression not only of modernization, but also kontrmodernizatsionnyh strategies. Huge shaft migrants from these countries falls on the countries of the West, in front of varying ethnic and cultural balance. In this case, workers are only partially absorb the cultural code of the West, in which he himself is no longer assured, creating new traumatic social types — often associated with radical tendencies (including fundamentalism and terrorism).

The same process is being drawn, and the country's most distant periphery, as well as fueling a wave of migrants in Western countries and in the countries of the "second world".

Overall demographic growth in the eyes of the changing structure of the planet, and no coherent matrix for organizing these processes on the background of dwindling natural resources on a global scale, the sharp deterioration of the ecological environment and improve the query modernizing the masses of humanity — no, that creates a critical situation in all areas.

In the near future, overlapping to these catastrophic processes will inevitably lead to resonance disasters. Therefore, more and more people are turning to apocalyptic scenarios, anticipating the "end of the world", "world war" or even some unprecedented historical catastrophe. Human history has come to a standstill, and no one knows how to get out of it. In such a situation, to pretend that "all good" and "everything is going according to plan," short-sighted and even criminal. We live, teetering on the brink …

The historical moment in Russian history

Against the background of the global crisis and the catastrophic premonitions should briefly look around the logic of Russian history.

Russia from ancient times to the present day has always tried to assert and preserve its uniqueness, to find the path of development. Russia was the first part of the Orthodox world, then — is integrated into the power of Genghis Khan and the Mongol after the XV century finally gained its independence, becoming an independent state, the socio-political and cultural entity, a separate special civilization, combining both western and oriental features. Since ancient times, people lived in the Russian belief in his own universal mission, and the end of the XV century it acquired the status of an official political theory of "Moscow — the Third Rome." Later, after the reforms of Peter, this mission has been redesigned in a secular, European manner — as the strengthening of the great continental Christian power, able to compete with European states and empires of the East for influence on world politics.

In the twentieth century this mission after the Russian Revolution of 1917 took shape in the idea of world revolution, where the Soviet Union once again conceived headquarters universal transformation of humanity through the building of a just and free society, "paradise on earth".

In this case, at all stages of Russia has always stressed its fundamental difference from Western Europe. At first it was religious in nature (Orthodoxy — as opposed to Catholicism), and later — the rivalry with the European powers for political influence, and finally conceptualized as a competition between two ideological camps — the socialist and capitalist.

The presence of the special mission of the West and the opposition were integral constants throughout Russian history, its axial vector.

The crisis of modern civilization, the center of which is, of course, the crisis of the West and imposed on them on a planetary scale, universal model, the logic of Russian history is entirely expected and predictable event, as well as the state of the historical process, in fact it was always opposed to Russia, different Expressing his disagreement on certain stages. This means that Russian history has always been based on an intuitive feeling that the Russian bear the alternative plan of civilization, salvation and deliverance from those disasters posed by Europe.

Therefore, at this stage of the history of Russia again addresses the fundamental theme: the rejection of the West, with its claim to universality (and in our case, this means avoiding the catastrophe to which the West came close), and the formulation of an alternative course of world history, built on the understanding of the historical experience of Russian with the intuitive Russian mission, enliven the story.

Russian presentiment that are designed to ensure that at the critical moment to save the world from imminent destruction, and show the people the way to the idea and the spirit that eliminates the collapse.

From this point of view, the entire Russian history brings it to our time, when the crisis is global and requires a radical solution. Thus, the present time is the Russian time. While their say, the most important word in the history of the world.

There comes a time when the Russian must save the world. Once we realize this, we have a logical plan of action will unfold on the revival of Russia, which reflects the major part of Russian mission and provides an answer to the devastating challenges of the time and the conditions of the global crisis.

Russian history tells us that today is the time the declaration of Russian ideology, the final wording of the Russian Idea.

Part 2

Russian people and Russian history are a consistent deployment of certain tendencies, expressions and meanings. Russian always sensed that are designed to ensure that at the critical moment to save the world from imminent destruction and show people the way to the idea and the spirit that eliminates the collapse. From this point of view, the entire Russian history brings it to our time, when the crisis is global and requires a radical solution. Thus, the present time is the Russian time. While their say, the most important word in the history of the world.

It's time to declare the Russian ideology. 

The political bloc

What are the principles of the Russian ideology?

Russia — everything else — nothing. There is nothing higher than Russia. This is an absolute value. For it is possible to go at all.

All the forces that call into question this master thesis should be either marginalized or destroyed. In any case, radically removed from power in all areas — political, ideological, economic and cultural. All must pass the test of loyalty to Russia.

What should be the power in Russia?

Power in Russia should be Russian, strong, smart and efficient.

Russian — means based on the logic of Russian history, rooted in the love of Russian society, the Russian identity, religion, culture, and psychology. No love for the Russian authorities will be non-Russian.

Strong — so it should be a sovereign and not allow any compromises and half-measures with respect to the opposition forces and Russian violation of the established order.

Clever — so it must be based on Russian philosophy to continuously improve the intellectual level, to be competent to the extent that it is required by the answers to the challenges of our time.

Effective — so it should set goals, mark them clearly, and then seek to implement them.

What should be the political system of Russia?

In critical conditions requires a national dictatorship with the subordination of all branches of power a single point of control. You can save the format of a presidential republic, which exists today. For an authoritarian rule, this model is suitable.

In the long term, it is advisable to consider the question of the restoration of the monarchy.

Authoritarianism in strategic questions must be offset by increasing the powers of local affairs, the principle of the clerk. The authorities must ruthlessly eliminate corrupt elite segments, starting from the top. It has to be ideological.

In this case, the power must come from the priority of the Russian people as the main subject of the story. Therefore, it should be popular, and in a sense democratic.

Russian revolution

Come to the Russian authorities as a possible evolution (guarding) and the revolutionary way. We should not exclude either one or the other. Most important result.

What should be the Russian state?

This should be the state of the imperial type — centralized in the strategic sphere, and allowing a wide variety of forms of self-government at the lowest, regional, and municipal levels. Different regions may have differences in the standards of local life, taking into account regional, historical, cultural, ethnic and religious characteristics. The best of all the regional companies should be free to be integrated into the overall state elite, if they prove their loyalty power, high cultural level, dedication and efficiency of Russia.

Social Block

What are the main features of the future of Russian society?

Society must be collectivist, the common good is to be delivered radically higher individual well-being.

Society should be spiritual, and ideally oriented, not materialistic and consumer.

Society must be solidarity, not aloof. Society must be honest and not a liar, and not corrupt.

Society should be uplifting, not degrading each other.

Society should develop in line with tradition, rather than against it.

Society must be Russian, not western and not globalist.

Society needs to be healthy and natural, and not sick and perverted.

As should be organized in the information sphere?

Must be organized Russian media environment that limits access to the western and globalist influences. On the borders of Russia have to stand line filters that prevent the penetration of the information field of Western globalist and information flows.

With regard to the topic of sex should be a Russian natural specimens and resist all forms of gender distortions. Healthy family, procreation, and the love of men and women should be inviolable basis of sexual morality. Abortion should be banned.

Economic block

Russian economy

The economy should not only be effective but also fair. The best in recipes socialist organization based at least on a progressive tax on fair division among all members of society products work.

Oligarchy to be destroyed. The public sector must control the strategic areas of the economy, the rest should be given to the private sector to demand strict compliance with the social orientation of business.

Against capitalism

Western European capitalism is a phenomenon totally alien to Russian history and Russian society. The capitalist model were adopted Russian and caused massive rejection. Liberalism and capitalism must be rejected as completely appropriate Russian values.

Cultural and philosophical unit

Russian attitude of man to God

Russian man must first be Russian and then a man. He should relate themselves to God, the Creator of heaven and earth, and build your life on the basis of God's commandments. Trying to get rid of God led to the death of the West of the person. We should not go down this path. We need to revive the God to return to it, to live in the face of the living God.

Humanism and dehumanization

And Humanism and Its successor, dehumanization — the essence of the phenomenon of Western culture based on rebellion and a desire to liberate man from the spiritual dimension of the universe and to deprive her of the Creator. We do not acceptable neither one nor the other. Russian man makes a person belonging to a people and a faith in the Creator.


Tech today replaces the human in the West and in global projects. The development of technology does not respond to any of the really important question of human existence, being, love, life, death, faith, morality, beauty — is not technical, and metaphysical phenomena. The technique should be relegated to its pedestal on a secondary place. This is not an idol, and not an end but a means. Uncritical belief in technological progress — is a form of insanity. In addition, the technique destroys the world and even the man himself. It must bridle.


In Western society in the place of the person gradually comes to posthuman, a mutant clone, a cyborg. We need to declare a holy war on this degeneration.

Religion and its simulacrum

Today often return to religion leads to parody kitsch forms. Instead of finding a genuine tradition, taking only a few fragments of it and seek to combine with elements of modernity and even post-modern. This parody is dangerous. Need to break through to the genuine and pure tradition without impurities spirit of modernity.

How to build a Russian philosophy?

Russian philosophy should be built, starting from the Russian Logos. Russian Logos sleeping in the depths of the Russian soul. It is not yet manifest, and the place of Russian Logos is clumsy and ridiculous parody, uncritically copied from Western models.

We need our own Russian philosophy. The first attempt of this philosophy was made in the late XIX century, but was lost in the 20 years of XX century, after the establishment of the Bolshevik dictatorship. We must proceed to the second stage of becoming a distinctive Russian philosophy.

How to understand the Russian death?

Russian death should be the focus of Russian culture. Death is neither declining nor complete oblivion. Death is another dimension of life, something that makes life tart. Russian survives the death of its people, country, culture, and history. But he is mortal, and that his price for what is to be Russian.

Fundamentals of Russian culture of the future

Russian culture has to be messianic. Russian peoples of the world must open the truth that he himself is not clear. This messianic questioning, and not imposed a universal answer. Russian culture — a culture of the puzzle.

The foreign unit and the attitude of the West

The West must be rejected as a catastrophe. This is a decadent civilization, destroyed the foundations of normal and healthy society. West, beginning with the New Age, gone mad. He extends his madness, his fits of predatory capture and spiritual degeneration, accompanied hell unfettered individualism technology and decadence to the whole world. This is called "globalization." Radical departure from the West — this is the Russian response.

The crisis of the West

West remains in deep crisis today. His value system is dissolved, it devours equipment and shakes the economic crisis. We live in the era of the end of the West, and this end — the natural result of it is fundamentally wrong development path chosen by it in modern times. Our task is to remain intact as much as possible the consequences of its inevitable collapse.

Europe and the U.S.

The most terrible phenomenon of Western culture is the United States, the world empire of evil. Europe is desperately trying to keep at least a grain of its ancient cultural heritage. In the U.S., there is nothing to save, and this devilish country is doomed. If there is a question of choosing between the U.S. and Europe, then Russia closer to Europe. It needs to be saved, but we will be able to save her only after save ourselves from the West, and thus including most of Europe.

How to build a Eurasian Union?

The peoples of the former Soviet Union and the society belong to the same cultural matrix to one code. The similarity in all: in economics, demography, history, and traditions. In the framework of the Eurasian Union should put the principles of cultural geopolitical, strategic and economic unity.

Geopolitics assumes the unity of civilization and political and military control Eurasian Union.

Culture — identifying common cultural code of all companies within the Eurasian Union. The economy must be based on a common customs union and a single currency area (Eurasian ruble). Eurasian Union itself is only possible in the overall structure of a multi-polar world.

A multipolar world

To create a multi-polar world should unite with all the countries that reject unilateralism, hegemony of the United States and globalization.

A multipolar world should consist of several civilizations: the North American, European, South American, Eurasian, Arab-Muslim, continental-Muslim, African, Indian, Chinese. Civilization form a pole, or "Big Space".

What should be the attitude of the East?

Problems of the East are very similar to those faced by Russia. But there are differences. The answers to these challenges in Russia and Eastern countries may be similar but may vary as different culture and our religion. From East requires meaningful and friendly dialogue.

East today is partly the way the West and modernization, in part grows increasingly aware of their cultural characteristics. This double process in each country of the East takes place in different proportions. Russia closer to the societies of the East, where tradition plays a major role and subordinates modernization.


Power and History

Power is the focus of the stories. After a power point passes the thread of history as being of society, the people of the state. The authorities therefore sacred.

Power and geopolitics

Russia has Heartland Heartland, and should be based on the principles of its geopolitics Sushi. The task of Sushi (Eurasia) in geopolitics — free from the control of a hostile civilization of the Sea (now the United States and NATO countries) over the coastal area and free access to the ocean, moving to coast competing geopolitical bloc — that is, to the United States.

Russia to its geographical location and the scale of its territory is doomed to no matter what, keep the "great war over the world."

Power and Society

The power should be poryadkoobrazuyuschey and participate in the improvement of society by setting the criteria for social norms. The power of being a traditional and historically justified, then society should dictate how it should be. And it should be Russian, moral, healthy and fair.



Liberalism is the essence of the West. This is completely contrary to the ideology of Russian society and the Russian history. This ideology must be firmly rejected.


Socialism is much more closely conforms to Russian society rather than liberalism. However, in the Western versions, it is often at odds with Russian values (atheism, materialism, blind faith in progress). Should be built Russian socialism.


The classic bourgeois nationalism and the more types of racist nationalism completely alien Russian history and Russian society. It will lead to the destruction of ethnic identity as Russian people and other ethnic groups. Nationalism is dangerous for Russia.


Need to develop a fourth political theory on the other side of liberalism, classical socialism (communism) and nationalism (racism). It is a challenge the intellectual vanguard of the new Russia.


The dissolution of the state

There are forces in Russia that call for the dissolution of the state in a global world and surrender of positions in the face of the advancing American empire. These forces must be destroyed.


Russia has never been a nation. Can not build a nation without destroying the Russian cultural core and spalling ethnic zones of Russia. Nationalism must be rejected.

Empire, monarchy, democracy

Russia should be an empire, that is to combine strategic regional centralism and pluralism.

In the future, we should focus on the restoration of the Russian monarchy.

Democracy must be organic and the County. The people must participate in determining their own destiny.



Vertical stratification of society is inevitable in all political systems. It is important that the top was really the best, most pure, spiritual, courageous, sincere and honest, and not the rich, mean, deceitful and corrupt.

Ethnic groups and geo-social

All ethnic groups have to save and get the right to freely develop. In the first place — the Russian people. In different geographical segments Russia live different types of people. This should be reflected in the variety of models of organization of the dormitories at the municipal level.



Postmodern have the cultural form, which replaces a Modern Western societies. His sense of individuality to the decay and the emergence of post-human types (rhizomes, clones, cyborgs). This trend should be eradicated from the Russian culture.


Culture of Modernity in Russian history was an imitation of the Western experience and not escape from the internal conditions of Russian life. The modernization is Westernization, Westernization, and in Russia it was held inconsistently and not finished. No modernization of life should not be performed (except for purely technological and defense spheres). Modern — a form of Western disease. It should be rejected.


In the tradition — folk, religious, cultural, linguistic, ethnic — provides answers to all the fundamental issues faced by the people. Tradition is not something fixed, it develops, how to develop an organic whole — as the tree grows. The tradition has been slandered and ridiculed modernism postmodernism. Discarding them, we discover the true spiritual and social, cultural, philosophical treasure. The tradition — all of us.

Archaic layers of culture are the roots. They must be carefully cultivated and preserved.


Today, there is a complete collapse of the Russian culture, which contribute to its social enemies provocateurs. The fall of the cultural level of the population must be stopped, and the enemies of Russian culture destroyed.


Function Media and Democracy

Media is an instrument of degeneration of Western society, scattering his order and creating a system of cleverly organized lying. In bourgeois journalists systems under the guise of an independent point of view expressed install shadow of social elites who dictate their agenda of power and encode them to trust the masses. Russian media should be based on the will of the Russian people and the public broadcasting regulations, positive assertive Russian authorities set. The information field should be a field of consensus government and society, not the manipulation of shadow zone provocateurs and oligarchs.


The power of media should be restricted through the strengthening of their dependence on political power and the expression of a genuine people's needs. Independent media do not exist. They must be either public or socialization but in any case they belong must be transparent. Media need to expose.

National, global media and civilization

The media can be a municipal (public property), regional (mixed form of ownership) and statewide (state property). In Russia must not be distributed on a large scale global media.

Interactive and Network

Network forms of communication are the most dangerous to the sovereignty of Russia, as it is fully controlled by the West and its technologies are transnational in nature. Need to build your network zone, completely independent of the technology of the West.

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