Alexander Dugin: Nothing is more despicable than the modern Russian liberal

The famous philosopher talks about why the Russians finally gave up on the "ideology of freedom"

Room for October 29, 2012 "Change" published an interview with the famous philosopher and politician, leader of the International Eurasian Movement Alexander Dugin. It it was about how and why liberalism in the world was in a deep crisis: initially emerged as the ideology of freedom, he has gradually turned into an ideology of oppression. Such an unusual point of view (unless you meet her in the liberal media, of which a vast majority of the modern media?) Caused a lot of readers' responses. So we decided to continue the conversation with Alexander Dugin, this time to talk about the phenomenon of Russian liberalism.

The influence of the liberals disproportionately

— Alexander Gelevich in Russia today, the word "liberal" is becoming a dirty word. Why is this happening?
— Russian society has always been illiberal: how to 1917 and beyond. In the era of the monarchy was the main ideology of conservatism, after its overthrow — socialism. So that we can talk about a certain historical tradition: the Russians are illiberal in its very essence. In the 1990s, for a short period, we have taken a great interest to Western liberalism, but after a period of sobriety. When the Liberals were clearly talking about his program, people were amazed that for which they are calling. The country experienced the fruits of their deeds, so completely denied to them in confidence. No wonder the Russian parliament is now not represented neither the Liberal Party. And finally woke up society after the Liberals attempted a rebellion in the Swamp area. Under the banner of "freedom" we have seen the extremists, anarchists, neo-Nazis, supporters of sexual perversion. In short, liberalism appeared in all its "glory" …

— Can you talk about what the Liberals as the political class today finally neutralized?
— Alas, no. Russian Society of the election really vote for someone else, but not for liberal parties. Many choose the "United Russia" only with a view to to power broke nemtsovs and bulk to hear and see less and Venediktova Svanidze. However, the problem is that the latter was unable to conclude to the intellectual and political reservation, where they are, in fact, and wants to see a society. So liberals still spoiling for a fight, they want to be on the first, state-owned television channels. They dream to make their anti-Russian, anti-people agenda of the dominant. In addition, separate the ultra still there in the Kremlin, the White House, they are largely prevalent in educational institutions, in culture, in the media and still keep our society by the throat. This is a very dangerous phenomenon. After all, having no support in the community, they continue to have a major impact on the minds of young people, the formation of social values, people's world.

— Liberalism is considered to be the ideology of freedom, his supporters say that human rights for them — the highest value. Are they wrong?
— In the approach to human rights work we are more and more often we see double standards. Someone liberal lobby believes someone someone — no. When it comes to conservative circles on them, from the point of view of liberals, many law does not apply. Productive members of society is recognized only by those who support Western values. The rest are considered second-class citizens. Notice how West described the events in the Swamp area. Tens of thousands who had gathered there, considered as a people. A multi-million population of the country, to vote for Putin supports the sovereignty of Russia, seen as a redneck, not matured into liberal reforms. Is this possible to continue to put up?

They really hate the Russian

— Alexander Gelevich heavily there, in your opinion, the current Russian liberals differ from their historical predecessors, the Liberals XIX century?
— Yes, very much. If we talk about the liberals of the XIX century, we will have to admit it was quite decent, patriotic people who thought about the interests of the people, fought for the abolition of serfdom. Moreover, they often were critical of the West. XIX century liberalism is moral and humane, it is a part of Russian culture. Therefore, in my opinion, they even compare correctly.

— And what happened then?
— Degeneration in the "smerdyakovschinu." The hero of Dostoevsky's novel "The Brothers Karamazov" Smerdyakov reasoned thus: "In the twelfth year, Russia was on the great invasion of the French Emperor Napoleon pervago, and well, if only we were then conquered these very French, clever nation would have conquered a very stupid one and annexed." Today's liberals — worthy successors Smerdiakov word and deed, they prove the rightness and prophetic Dostoevsky. The great Russian writer in the XIX century foresaw the danger fraught liberalism reborn in the future …

— How would you characterize the modern Russian liberals?
— They really hate Russia, and it is obvious to all. They despise their own people and their own history. Our liberals are taking today in the West all the most destructive and negative, and sell home, sold for grants, working for foreign intelligence services. To slavishly, like dirt serve their masters. Nothing is more vile and despicable than the modern liberal, I can not imagine now. It really is a pathological phenomenon, which in Russian history has never been.

— Is not it dangerous, in your view, the division of society through the "liberal — not a liberal." Maybe we all should look for a consensus yet?
— Our society is divided in many ways, such as law-abiding citizens and criminals. Last stand on the other side of the law, and does not bother anyone that watershed. So it is with liberals. It's a vicious minority still trying to speak on behalf of the majority and opposes itself to all. I am confident that our people will no longer have to put up with this situation. Russia is vital to the consolidation in the first place all healthy, conservative forces. As long as we're just starting to do this, just trying to defend themselves from the attacks of the Liberals. But very soon, I hope, still go on the offensive …

Svetlana Novikova

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