Alexander Kozulin had family visits

Alexander Kozulin family came to his long-term meeting last Saturday, November 24. If the other day I was talking with his wife policy Ira, She did not hide the excitement and recalled afterdny time was on a long visit with her husband in January.
"Coupled together and talk — it was so long ago that I’d forgotten how it is. ‘Cause really looking forward to this meeting and I hope that it will go very well with us."
A year earlier, Alexander Kozulin 53 a day or hunger strike, which ended with the fact that the UN Security Council has raised the problem of human rights in Belarus. After a long ill and policies hitherto kept diet. Journalists are very rely on information about the health of Alexander Kozulin from his relatives. As for the administration of the colony, they say there again — with Kazulin Tipo all excellent. Human rights group, in including Volchek, Sunday met with the deputy chief of the colony Ruslan Priymak. Here’s what they have heard from a policeman.
"We asked him how it feels Kozulin? Replied that cheerfully, his mood was not bad. We asked if he was released. Policeman spoke about what it will be seen after the amnesty."
Meanwhile, Alexander Kozulin according to information not covered by the amnesty and has no chance of reaching freedom already This year or first of next year. Had read about it in the Interior Ministry. "Maybe the policemen from the colony other?" — Interested and human rights activist Aleh Volchek mentioned nedavneshnee statement Interior Minister Vladimir Naumov the need another amnesty.
I recall on November 25th celebrated Alexander Kozulin day of birth. Policy turned 52. Meet with human rights activists were not allowed him. Volchek said that the guests do not even allowed into the administration building and then they near the entrance a couple of times loudly roared "Congratulations!" And "Freedom to Kazulin!" "Now I will ask daughters Kozulin, whether we hear in a room, where the bye," — said Oleg Volchek.
• Tomorrow Alexander Kozulin turns 52 years old, 24.11.2007

• Patrons A.Kozulin started an international campaign of solidarity, 12.11.2007

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