Alexander Lahvinets awarded Europe Prize

This award is given to the organization in 2003 to a personal face, which is specifically contributed to European cohesion and European integration, and its peaceful and responsible role in the world. Merit winners in the midst of this, Carla del Ponte, chief prosecutor of the Court of atrocities in the former Yugoslavia, Navid Kermani, an Iranian scientist and dissident Koslik Dieter, director of the International Berlin kinfestyvalyu.
Himself Heinz Schwarzkopf Foundation named "Young Europe" was created in 1971 to support activities in favor of a united Europe and the promotion of European integration. Yearly Fund together with the European Parliament defines the "Young European of the Year". In turn, "young Europeans year" award "Prize of Europe." In This year their choice is braked by the teacher in political science and public figures of Belarus.
Ah, so this explains the choice David Shtulik, winner of the "Young European 1997"Who was a member of the jury that chose the winner of" Europe Prize "in This year:
"For a long time the European public directed attention attention on Belarus of the political difficulties of bilateral relations. The current situation is changed, thanks to the Belarusians with the European gaze that never cease to repeat, Belarus is part of Europe. Their work is feedback and recognition in Europe. "

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