Alexander Lukashenko will not give benefits

The meeting discussed the draft presidential decree on the provision of social assistance to address. Alexander Lukashenko instructed to finalize it until December 1 and submit to the signature:
"Immediately I wish to warn the draft decree should not lead to the return of canceled benefits. In soon many began to argue that the benefits will be fully reimbursed by the targeted social assistance. That will not happen, "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
The Head of State said, it must make the conditions, that the citizen himself provide for themselves a solid standard of living:
"That man felt that taking him these two hapless Bucks average, maybe even less, we were given the opportunity to make a person an additional 5-10 bucks."
President of Belarus said funds from the abolition of privileges send children: "On their free meals, as the creation of modern base medical facilities, comprehensive support for large families."
The Belarusian leader explained that the abolition of benefits is not a measure enforced because of the difficult economic situation.
But he acknowledged that many problems. "We need to find 2.5-3 billion dollars, we need to reach a surplus of foreign trade," — said Alexander Lukashenko.
According to the economist Konstantin Skuratovich, taking breaks, control of the country is trying to make ends meet:
"Funds for Actually No to retain these benefits. Scored as loans and negative balance. That sealed. And yet, here no highest policy. "
BPF deputy head Viktor Ivashkevich Pronunciation:
"The system benefits shovels unnecessary and harmful. Indeed, people need targeted assistance. And it’s true.
But the question is, authorities presently do not in order to reallocate these social benefits, taking in people who do not need it and he gave it to people who need it.
And in order to plug a hole in the budget. And we are against it, so that by the power of people to correct their mistakes. "

May 23 House of Representatives passed a law "On the municipal social benefits, rights and guarantees for certain categories of citizens." This law, which abolished a number of benefits, effective December 17. Draft Presidential Decree had to fill some benefits.

Law on the abolition of privileges will take effect in six months, 23.05.2007 Who exactly deprived of benefits?, 23.05.2007

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