Alexander Rahr: Liberal thought in Russia died

Drakakhrust: "Sire Rar, how do you assess today’s Russian Duma elections?"
Rahr: "It turned out that about than read as experts — held a plebiscite on Putin. This tremendous support "United Russian" would have been impossible if the head of the list was not the president himself. People went to vote for Putin’s rule practically, for the fact that he was, that the country does not change anything. In Russia, the stability and the people in the main her happy. The fact that the Duma passed and two other parties, which are also supported by stability — and Zhirinovsky’s LDPR "Fair Russia" Mironov suggests that people voted for the policy, which was held in the country in the last 8 years.
Full tragedy occurred liberal parties. Specialists in the most pessimistic forecasts own proceeded from the fact that although to "Apple" closer to 4-5%. But the fact that ATP and "Apple" according to preliminary estimates scored 1% states that, that liberal thought in Russia just died. "
Drakakhrust: "Recently elections open a discussion a variety of options, Putin may resign as president, but remain the de facto head of the country: the public’s favorite, the Prime Minister, etc.. Against the background of what happened on December 2, which scenario is more possible ? "
Rahr: "I think that Vladimir Putin is using this resource, which he received as a result of the election victory party" United Our homeland. "I guess that he would lead the party, and through it, through the discipline of the party through the party apparatus will almost govern the state — will manage and prime minister and parliament, where his party is the best part. He also tries to manage through the party structure and the president, who will be nominated by the party. "
Drakakhrust: "What will be the reaction of the West to the Russian Duma elections? Reactions and the degree of fairness and transparency of the elections and the actual outcome, the fact that our homeland is what it is?"
Rahr: "The West has long been aware of Russia did not. I believe that the West does not ignore these elections, but to treat them with great care, to begin discussions about the huge fraud that opposition thrown in jail, that people do not give express what he wishes. But it seems to me that such criticism is misplaced relative RF.
In Russia, there was a big turn in the direction of the state of the country, patriotism, anti-Western sentiments. It did not occur suddenly, but over the last 8 years and there is nothing we can not do. "
Drakakhrust: "What will do RF after December 2 with the coming of her neighbors, namely Belarus?"
Rahr: "I assume that no dramatic change. Will continuesmiling that we beheld in recent years. I do not think. What Our homeland will aggressively either hard to try to absorb its "near abroad." I think, that the zeal of a number of post-Soviet states to withdraw from the Russian Federation and to join NATO and the European Union (in the case of Ukraine may be reality), will lead to conflicts between, for example, Moscow and Kiev, and Moscow and Tbilisi. But the cardinal configurations I do not foresee. "
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