Alexander Zinoviev: Global Cheloveynik

Alexander Zinoviev

I watched a lot of movies and books about the future of mankind. All of them are almost or completely ignored the social aspect of the future of humanity, that is something which will take the form of human association and their members as social beings and the relationship between their members. The present book is devoted to this theme. According to the literary form of the book is sociologically-futurological story. The basic idea is as follows. Our XX century was perhaps the most dramatic in the history of mankind in terms of the fate of individuals, peoples, ideas, and social systems and civilizations. But, in spite of everything, he was the century of human passions and emotions — the century of hope and despair, of illusions and insights, delusions and disappointments, joy and sorrow, love and hatred … This was, perhaps, the last human lifetime. To replace him looming hulk of the century post-human or super-human stories, stories without hope and without despair, without illusions and without insight, without delusions and disappointments, no joy without sorrow, without love and without hatred …

Deity global cheloveynika

Computers appeared in the second half of the XX century. First, the word "computer" called the secretory apparatus to perform the most primitive intelligence. Then the word came to be called at all sorts of devices, dealing with information and intelligent simulation of operations with it, then there are all sorts of intellectual and information devices. Their success was breathtaking, unprecedented. During the life of two or three generations they have conquered humanity. They have become all-powerful deities of our Global Cheloveynika.

Personal computers, in which we "write" information about our individual lives is jokingly called ispovedalnikami. And they seriously consider the materialization of our spiritual life, our disembodied souls. They were three stages in its development: finger printing, voice dictation and thinking to himself. There are even some ispovedalniki that record dreams and unconscious brain processes, that is, the subconscious mind. Already in the XX century were invented miniature devices to use ispovedalnikami at any distance from them.

Similarly, in the XX century were invented miniature devices to help on any issue of the global information network. Modern man is unthinkable without such universal informants, both with and without ispovedalnikov. It is believed that through such universal informants we carry with them (that's with you, and not in itself!) All the wealth of knowledge accumulated by mankind over the entire past history — have become supermen. But that does not preclude the fact that the vast majority of these supermen is foolish and ignorant.

State of mind

The fact that we, the citizens of the Western Union, have to think on a particular issue, we will know after the sociologists will make the appropriate population survey of West Union, and ideologues will find the proper interpretation of the survey results. Thus, social scientists know what we are thinking on the matter, and let us know about it, and ideologues taught us that we need to think about what we think.

But sometimes this circle of ideas is broken. Recently, social scientists have made a survey on the subject, what historical era of the respondents would like to live their lives. The result of the survey turned discouraging: more than eighty percent of the respondents said that they would prefer to live in the years in which the achievements of our civilization were still just a dream and not a reality. The ideologues explained a result of a survey that polled had an idealized view of the past, just as in the past people have idealized future. In this case, it is still unclear where this idealization of the past, if our ideology has been careful to ensure that it was not, and our entire system of education and culture have created a less than ideal image of the past. Other ideologues gave another explanation: the important thing for the people — not what they already have, and hope that they will ever have. Therefore it is necessary to carry out the best part of the dream cancel, that is, to bring people back to a time in which they would like to live. Third ideologues ridiculed the proposal as utopian. In general, we decided to leave it as is, since the majority opinion of the respondents had not reflect the views of the majority of the living.

As for me, I would prefer to XX century. It was the last century in the history of mankind, when people were still hoping for the future. After that, the future came and people left all hope of him.

In the same sociological survey was the question that the citizens of the Western Union Western Union are thinking about, not using universal directory. It was found that nine out of ten adults and mentally healthy citizens of the Western Union or do not know what Western Union, how, when and why it has arisen and what is its structure, or have this very vague and absurd idea. Ordinary Americans, for example, were placed Western Union in Texas, and he was considered by the Supreme President of the popular Hollywood actor who had the most powerful muscle in the world and because of supermen who played the role of the distant future. Ordinary Germans thought that Western Union is the Fourth Reich, which includes the countries of Eastern and Southern Europe, as well as the lands of the former Soviet Union to the Urals and the Volga. Ordinary French thought it — the organization of right-wing forces that intend to reduce the influx of foreigners in France for at least 5 percent, not to be considered at the same racists.

Western Union — a relatively young formation. It can be assumed that the mass of the population has not yet had time to get used to it. But research has shown that the citizens of the Western Union did not know more about the events of their society, existing for centuries. Even educated segments of the population have very little idea of the actual structure of their society and how to operate its various departments, spheres and institutions. Left-wing newspapers wrote … Having said that, I thought. We use the expression "the newspaper wrote," and the like, although our "papers" are not by their physical form is nothing to do with the paper sheets of the past centuries: it is now — the technical means by which you can read and listen to what used to be printed (written ) in these newspapers. But we are so used to the new usage of words that do not pay any attention to the etymology of words. For the relatively few fans of old newspapers as well as magazines and books, are made in the same form as they did in the past century.

Thus, the "left" the newspaper wrote that the fact that the rapid fall of the level of education of the population in Western countries are no longer denied even by politicians and ideologues. In addition, where you will now find an adult who could be considered mentally healthy? Mentally empty completely, but unless there is no sign of her mental health? "Neutrality" of the same newspaper wrote that the study is still erroneously considered useless. Thanks to him, the fact that prior to this circulated in the form of hypotheses and opinions, acquired the status of scientific truth. As for the level of education of the population, that is no reason for panic, as a similar decrease occurred in the past history of the West repeatedly. For example, at the end of XX century in the most advanced countries of the West, according to newspaper reports of those years, many millions of people do not know how to read and write, in the U.S. — up to thirty million, in France — and six in Germany — more than three. However that did not stop the West to seek exceptional achievements in economy and culture and win brilliant victories over the communist world, which boasted a wholly literate population. In general, according to the latest scientific theories, the ability to read and write has long ceased to be a sign of culture. Why are these obsolete skills, if with modern technology you can listen to any text and dictate everything that previously mentioned, in particular writing device?

It is equally absurd were ideas about global society. The majority of respondents were rejected its existence. What kind of world unity can be discussed if the last century there was no time without war? If for some time and there is unity, it was mainly for the destruction of surplus population. According to conservative estimates, over one hundred years of artificial "peaceful" means were killed and four billion people.

There was a heated debate on the issue: should ordinary citizens generally know how to put together and how their society operates? Some have argued that there is no need, and exiled from the ants, who have no idea of what is obtained from their joint activities, but excellent build nests and live in them so that they can be envied. Others argued the opposite. They said that the people — not the ants that human "anthill" ("cheloveynik") is more difficult ant, ants that totalitarianism, and we have — democracy, a democracy can not be true, if members of the public do not know what exactly it lies. Panelists native one thing: they both talked utter nonsense, how about Western Union and on a global society.


I have a passion for their school years mastered the knowledge of the society in which I by chance came to life. How and why this happened, I can not explain. Only once I realized that the reality of our society has to do with our small official with his concept and all that is possible to learn about it from the media, literature, cinema and science. This struck me. Of course, I hid his insight from everyone. I then also realized that the truth about our society has the forbidden fruit in our earthly paradise, which is customarily represented our society. Later, I made a half-hearted and veiled attempt to speak on this subject in the university thesis and for that he was immediately ostracized in the academic environment. We do not burn dissenters at the stake, as in the days of the Inquisition, and do not put in concentration camps, as in totalitarian regimes of the XX century. We have against them is more humane means: simply ignore them, and they do not appear at all. Higher democracy is not about to give freedom to the dissidents, and to organize life so that they are no longer any need — that they were not in demand.

At university I majored in XX century. Delving into the archives, I have set for myself, that the beginning of the Western Union and global society must be sought not in the Renaissance or even the bourgeois revolutions of the XVII-XIX centuries, and in the second half of the XX century, during the "cold war." It was then that the all the basic assumptions and trends, which then only intensified, manifested and sprawling on the planet. All subsequent evolution of mankind has not brought into the process is nothing new. It made it a lot of new trinkets and trifles, bloated in the ideology and propaganda to scale the world's revolutions, the events of the century, the millennium events. The more trifling nature stories, the grander its falsification.

I then seemed symbolic of the fact that our modern civilization did not originate in the fire of the world wars of the XX century, and in the glaciation of the "cold war" years of 1946-1986, the main weapons which were cunning, meanness, slander, bribery, corruption, betrayal and other abominations. Our victory in this war was not a grain of nobility, heroism, sacrifice, ideological obsession. And it left a mark on all our subsequent history. All that our ideology, propaganda, culture and science credited to us, is a falsification of history, fiction and stealing from others. We were born as the fruit of perjury, treachery, sabotage, fraud and fornication, declaring himself then heirs of all that others have done. Especially depressing affected me not a vision of reality we are born as such, but the knowledge that we're having fought for survival and the survival of any other way we did not have. We were born as a historical bastard and evolved into a global monster designed to complete the story of humanity, not because of the desire for it, but because of cold calculation and predetermination of inanimate matter.

Global Cheloveynik

By the nature of my work I have read the writings of futurists XX century. Their vision for the future (for them) a global society by the degree of idiocy does not concede that description of contemporary global society, what can be learned from the Universal Directory. According to the latter, it is — the fraternal alliance of thousands of equal and sovereign states, led by the democratic government. As a specialist in XX century, I know that even then it was a rough representation of the ideological-propaganda lies. By the end of the century (after the defeat of the Soviet Union), the United States remained the world's only superpower and began to impose new, pleasing them the order to all mankind. In Europe, the role of the leader began to leave Germany. And the whole world was a distinct vertical structuring of countries and peoples. What we have now is a realization of the trends that are evident in the late XX and early XXI century.

Global Society (DPP) has a very complicated, multi-dimensional and dynamic structure. Now it is 10,000 of which have their supposedly sovereign governments and the status of the alleged equal members of the DPP. They are combined in countless blocks in various dimensions and combinations. These blocks are created, split and re-formed for a time. They, in turn, are combined into unions. There are currently more than in the GO 10,000 all kinds of associations, groups and blocs of countries and unions. On this most complex and moving network superimposed even more complex web of political, cultural, informational, and economic enterprises, institutions and organizations. Their number reached 100 thousand, and how much of it within the countries — members of the GO!

The main structural part of the GO are the three giant Union. The first of them — our Western Union (AP), resulting from the U.S., Canada, England, France, Germany, Australia, Italy and other Western countries. The second — the Eurasian Union (EAU) formed from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. Third — East Union (BC) formed from Japan, Korea, China and the broken parts of other Asian and island countries. In addition to these giants have unions of Arab, African, South American and Asian countries, together called the Fourth World.

The planet is now living 10 billion people. They are distributed as follows: AP — one billion, EAC — about a billion, BC — two billion, other unions — six billion. AP produces 50 percent of the wealth of the planet. Shares of other members of the DPP are: Sun — 20 percent, EAC — 20 percent, and the rest — 10 percent. More than 70 percent of scientific discoveries and technological inventions made in the AP. Of the 100 largest banks and corporations owned by the AP 60, 20 — Sun, 15 — EAC, 5 — way. Part of the capital of enterprises AP belongs to the representatives of other members of the DPP, and the representatives of the Legislative Assembly have capital shares in their companies. But value and then in favor of the AP: three to one. So said parts of GO are not equal members of a world brotherhood of nations.

Defense was created on the initiative of the West, under the guidance of, and above all for their benefit. AP has developed as the metropolis of the world empire. All other "unions" we have created themselves such as to us, or helped to create them in the interests of our management of GO. But before you create them, we disintegrated all countries, peoples and regions of the world, they quarreled among themselves, supplied them with weapons, unleashed a war. After they were exhausted in mutual hostility, we have imposed their political system, economy, culture, ideology, and the whole way of life, what we found most suitable for our domination over them. And after that they had a "reunion." These new groups only appears to have been the restoration of national unity and power, but in fact it was a completely new education, for their part were no longer what they were before.

Defense as a whole and all its parts have a certain system of power and control. But a more profound basis of their organization forms a complex network and hierarchy of enterprises, institutions and organizations involved in them, and the millions of people who have become sphere of life, many countries, entire regions and all the giant planet. This — the second level of the society in relation to the "nation-state" super-society. Global Company in the narrow sense, sometimes referred to as super-society, the sphere of existence which is a collection of first-tier companies. It has absorbed a former social associations that have turned them into their bodies, parts, units of tissue. As applied to this social monster lost all sense of the old sociological, economic, philosophical, political, political, ideological, and other concepts.

Now the situation in individual countries and regions of the world depends to a much greater extent on the position in the super society than the local conditions. It is impossible to carry out a more or less serious social reforms in individual countries, and even in their huge unions, excluding the corresponding transformations in global super society as a whole.

GO called Global Cheloveynikom similar to the anthill. Comparison of the absurd. Our cheloveynik differs from the nest in order (among other features) that it in all parts, in all areas, in all sections, in all departments at all levels of the structure, always and everywhere a fierce struggle between the "human", cloaked and restrained, but at the same time exposed and encouraged all the achievements of civilization. Our scientists, armed with a fabulous intellectual technique, proved that the public enemy, observing the rules of hostility, stable society friends who violate the rules of friendship. Not by chance, our ancestors say, deliver us, O God, from friends, and we get rid of the enemies themselves. God has fulfilled the first half of their requests. And get rid of the enemies we do not want.

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