American police officer was fined $ 2,500 mother pee on the lawn boy

Mother of 3-year-old toddler was fined after police found her child cope small need on the lawn of your own home. According to the officer, the child has violated the public order.

"Dylan relieve themselves in the street. A police officer came up and demanded my papers, and then announced that he was going to prescribe a penalty for what the child is urinating in a public place ", — said the baby's mother, Ashley Warden KWTV News.

Grandma baby Jennifer Warden argues that its appeal to reconsider the police did not respond, "I explained that the child is only three years old, but the officer said that it does not really matter, since it is a violation of the law in a public place. I said that it is our own land, but he said that the site is visible from the road. "

Varden family tried to lodge a complaint with the police department of Piedmont, but decided against it. Not wanting to pay $ 2,500, the family said it plans to sue and hope for some action against the police officers.

"Indignation is not only that it is a three year old child. This case — a clear example of abuse of power. The officer was fined because he was endowed with such powers. Although he could not behave like human beings, "- said Warden ABC News.

The situation, however, resolved favorably. When the family has publicly put forward their accusations against the police, it was supported by thousands of internet users. The response came even from the foreign media. Negative public reaction forced the police to apologize. The chief of the local police came to Obleyn Alex Varden home, apologized and offered to drop the charges.

"With his hand, it was very nice, we replied that we are grateful for his visit and help, because he, in fact, did not have to do it," — said the victims.

However, the family is afraid of retaliation to a policeman who just wrote a fine. 
"I do not know what it will be for him. — Warden told ABC. — And I do not know if he was going to avenge us now. I hope not, as the story became public. But all the same unpleasant fact that the case involves the police, who knows our address and all of our vehicles. "

Officer himself, appeared in the center of the scandal, refused to comment the media.

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