An official in the United States is immoral

Employees of federal agencies were negligent in their duties, often ignore the instructions, and less likely to feel remorse for the mistakes. This is the conclusion reached by the authors of large-scale public investigation Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS).

English-language media have paid little attention to the report FEVSchereschur. None of the federal publications does not point out the fact that the deepest crisis of federal agencies — a direct result of policies of President Barack Obama, who is not going to cut the astronomical costs of the government employees as well as to deal with the bureaucracy, patronage and permissiveness in various departments, offices, bureaus , boards, departments and other agencies.

For the first time in many years, studies have shown that federal employees are slowly but surely turning into "immoral members of society." They forget about morality, responsibility, fairness, and are not always able to distinguish good from evil. Significant part of the Feds have on the psychological level is separated from the portion of the population that does not live at the state's expense.

As difficult to guess the authors of the study, working directly for the government, explained "changing moral character of federal workers' economic crisis, high unemployment and a general depression. They say that public servants are people like everyone else. In the address by President Obama, of course, even veiled criticisms no one said …

The moral decline of state employees has led to a sharp deterioration in relations with the public. FEVSbystro responded to the survey, Internet users (they can be called the "voice of the people"), who expressed dissatisfaction with the work of almost all federal agencies — from Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What are five major reasons that led to the "moral decline" of federal employees and intensified their relations with the Americans working in the private sector.

First, government employees still get a very high salary. On average, about $ 85,000 a year. This is approximately 35% — 50% higher than the income of the representatives of commercial structures.

The most interesting is that the economic crisis, which is so much the authors of the report FEVS, virtually no federal unaffected. Their costs have increased slightly. Same financial stability that small businesses only dream of completely torn off from the reality of civil servants. "Today, they work as well as ease of President Clinton," — said one of the true internet users.

Secondly, with the advent of Barack Obama stepped up trade unions. These organizations, which under Bush Jr. behave much more cautiously took under his wing nearly all state employees. A few strikes, arranged by federal employees in 2009, ended in full satisfaction of their claims.

As a consequence, the lack of fear of dismissal and at least some punishment led to a disregard for the feds to professional responsibilities. Many of our readers, I'm sure, know firsthand what is happening today in the same Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of State (Department of State) — departments, the services which the public needs time.

Third, federal employees are much less likely to fall into crime reports in connection with abuse, theft and fraud, than the private sector. Personally, I have, for example, the impression that the security services of "their" colleagues, feeding at the public expense, in general try not to touch it.

Civil servants continue to receive benefits and the dimensionless artificially cranking pensions (almost every second goes from the service with a disability). Impunity, as we know, is the main enemy of morality and ethics.

Fourth, thousands of professional instructions used in the federal agencies, is hopelessly out of date. The state does not keep pace with the private sector, and so the service in some structures, to put it mildly, disgusting.

For example, many immigration, tax and business issues (licenses, certificates, permits) still has to solve the mail. Envelopes is always lost, which ultimately leads to a complete lack of understanding between the civil servants and their customers.

Imperfection of federal agencies, without a doubt, the main reason for their slowness. Some official responses people have to wait for 9 — 12 months. The College of Education (Board of Education-BOE), in particular, consider specific requests for 2 — 2.5 years.

Fifth, the number of federal officials are slowly but surely increasing. This does not mean that the work was more. President Obama is just using such tactics is trying to reduce unemployment figures. According to the latest report of the Office of Management and Budget (Office of Management and Budget), the number of state employees has increased under Obama by 123,000 people (that is, 6.2%). In the next four years, the feds will be even greater. It is an indisputable fact.

Given all the above — disappointing. Today's American society was divided into three categories contingent. First — many millions of welfare recipients. They work simply unprofitable, as the amount of benefits in states exceeds 80% of the minimum wage.

The second — state employees, which, in general, work very badly, and at the same time with both hands supporting Obama's course. As recipients of social benefits, they depend on taxpayers — their main customers and, in fact, employees. State employees themselves pay a tiny fraction of taxes.

The third category, unfortunately, the most disenfranchised and oppressed. This hard-working people (mostly middle class) who are trying to be independent of the state, to earn their bread heavy "capitalist" labor, and at the same time maintain an army of unemployed and civil servants. On the one hand, these people are the foundation of America. On the other hand, today they are between "a rock and a hard place." The more the moral depravity of able-bodied unemployed and lazy civil servants, the harder they survive …

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