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City Borovsky — now near suburbs. Although from Moscow to him a hundred miles away, and he is not in the Moscow region and in the north of the Kaluga region. All messed up, oh sorry — changed the recent expansion of the capital, which has now become a large Moscow. After traveling a few dozen miles to Kiev highway, was surprised to look at the small pointer: the word "Moscow" crossed a red ribbon. Ah, that's where you are now running out. A few more kilometers and you turn off the road at the sign "Borovsk."

Feathered residents of the center "Ethnomir" — the owl.

On the outskirts of town, in the village with a pretty name Ryabushko, is the ancient Pafnutiev-Borovsky monastery.

The most attractive thing in Vorovsk, at first glance, its landscape: the impressive slides combined with equally impressive ravines. And all of this topographic diversity plastered houses, gardens, churches and monasteries. One wonders why the town climbed the mountain, but with him so much space. The explanation is simple — Borovsk was born in the 14th century, it was like a fortress. Be sure to walk to the ancient town, it is just outside the main temple of the city — the Cathedral of the Annunciation.

From the streets of historic buildings survived almost. The same mansion Fedor Shokina that year already and waiting impatiently for his much-needed restoration. On the contrary it is a house, which before the revolution belonged to the famous family Vorovsk Polejaeffs.


Right at the ancient city now living monument to the famous scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky. He lived and worked here from 1880 to 1891. Many of his scientific hypotheses and discoveries were born in Vorovsk. Not tired of the campaign can go to the museum-apartment of Tsiolkovsky.

Many tourists traveling specifically to Borovsk to look at the unusual pictures of Vladimir Ovchinnikov. Artist-nugget builder by profession, after retirement he settled in Vorovsk. Over the years he has taken and reproduced on the walls of buildings of about 90 variety of subjects — from everyday life to the historical, reminding residents of the famous compatriots, destroyed churches. First, the authorities resisted creative endeavor Ovchinnikov, but now it is one of the main attractions of the city. For example, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, who sits on a bench in front of this by sending a letter with a story about the car, which was flying over the Bohr.

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