And it was this wedding venue is small …

Two magnificent reception in honor of the marriage ended in mass slaughter at the Sheraton Mission Hill in Philadelphia this past Sunday, October 7.

On this day in the hotel a few dozen people gathered to mark a happy event in the life of two pairs of newlyweds.

However, contrary to expectations, the culmination of the holiday has become a large-scale brawl, which started in the bar between guests.

— We do not yet know what caused the conflict grew into physical abuse, but no doubt that the problem lies in the amount of alcohol consumed — said police spokesman Ray Evers.

Hotel workers have been unable to stop the fight. At 2 am, the wedding guests have separate law enforcement agencies.

Three people have been arrested for organizing the riots and disobedience to the authorities.

Meanwhile, the heated events of the evening broke a relative of one of the brides: 57-year-old man died of a heart attack at the hospital.

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