Andrew FURSOV: Distant Mirror: 1913 — 2013

There comes the final battle of the imperial and global concepts

One of the main objectives of the First World War was to destroy the largest empire and in their place a small nation-states, which would be very easy to manage. What are the objectives set themselves the World Games team one hundred years later, in 2013? The designs are the same — to create a global world, global government to establish total control over all trade flows. However, globalism, too crisis-prone. The world is bursting at the seams, and through the dust and sand that start breaking the contours of new empires — the means of confrontation of globalization, the only antidote to the "end of history."

1913. The top of the world capitalist class — Agenda

Albion played perhaps the main role in the outbreak of the First World War (as well as one and two), but he was not the only subject who has worked for the war. Or this: he was the main international actor. But there was also the subject of the world, took shape at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries, that is, in an era in which the Dutch historian Jan Romein called a "watershed." And the world has been the subject of no less, and perhaps even more important than the international (though they were closely related.) We are talking about the global financial (financial and political) community, organized in closed supranational structures (clubs, lodges, societies such as the "round table", etc.) and often sealed by family ties, whose authority has increased dramatically at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries .

In fact, this community is a holistic and long-term interests of the capitalist system, the essence of which — the endless accumulation of capital and the expansion of space. At the turn of the XIX-XX ve Cove tip of this world capital "of the capitalist rulers of the Rings" (by the way, about the rings: Olympic symbol — five rings — was coined by de Coubertin in 1913, it was) had the following objectives:

1) to establish control over the area remained out of their reach (as of the end of the nineteenth century), the world's resources. This South Africa, Russia (the irony of history, and at the end of XX century, the fortunes of South Africa was associated with Russia: it is filled up with the Soviet Union at the same time — a de facto in 1991, the West was cleaning industrial competitors, the fate of the Black South Africa is somewhat similar to the fate of Russia, especially since eltsinschiny: the same de-industrialization, social degradation, criminalization);

2) eliminate the Eurasian empire, objectively, by the very fact of the existence prevented the world capitalist class to implement the principle of globalist. Bury the imperial principle of political and economic organization was only possible with the empires;

3) destroy Russia and Germany in particular as potential competitors in the continental United Kingdom — The point of registration and home port of the world of high finance;

4) to destroy Germany as a military-political framework of German Masonic lodges and masonic structures that challenge the British supranational governance structures and alignment;

5) establish in place of destroyed Eurasian empires common European political formation — "Venice the size of Europe" and a bit of a world authority bankers (the first attempt — the League of Nations);

6) take full control of the world's money, it was necessary to establish control over the finances of the United States a group of British and American tycoons, in this task the British sought to solve another, English politician Cecil John Rhodes formulated it this way: "Return of the United States of America as an integral parts of the British Empire ";

7) Provide a minimum of Eurasian war as the best means of solving one blow all of the above.

Before us is a global plan, about which the American historian Carroll Quigley in his book "Tragedy and a dream," wrote: "Forces of financial capital has been far-reaching plan — the creation of no less than the world system of financial control that is in private hands able to because of this dominate the political system of each country and the world at large. "

Central to this "seven" task was 6th. That it was the key to solving all the others unlocked "bottomless pit." It was she who was solved in December 1913, the creation of the Federal Reserve System (FRS) — tools of world bankers, drew up, I would even say they are institutionalized as a global entity of strategic actions (SSc).

Creation of the Federal Reserve — the central event in 1913

Politically, the creation of the Fed was provided by President Wilson, for whom the figure loomed largest global financiers and Colonel House — they are looking at the first face of the state. Wilson was the type of man is the slave of Jimmy Carter. However, just one day Jimmy bucked.

In 1979, Carter decided that he — the player, not an easy figure, and during the pre-election trip to California began to promise sweeping reforms. Tips elders of the Trilateral Commission not to ignore. And then he explained what was happening. During one of the speeches of President Police arrested two people who were trying to arrange an assassination. Were made public the names of perpetrators: Raymond Lee Harvey and Osvaldo Ortiz. Read the name recognized by the official version of the killer of President Kennedy, Carter got it, stuck in kempdevidskoy residence and did not rock the boat. Intruders, as announced, was tried and gave them a decent time. A year later, the journalists tried to find Lee Harvey and Osvaldo Ortiz in jail, but the database of U.S. prisons, these persons are not numbers. Wilson, I repeat, not bucked and meekly signed the Act establishing the Federal Reserve. Him and put him in the presidency is mainly for this signature. And to make one document — "The 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution." It gave the government the right to levy income tax — without such a correction scheme of the Central Bank as the Fed did not work. VY Katasonov clearly captures the moment: the income tax has been a source of money to pay the interest on the debt of the government to the Fed. Not surprisingly, Wilson's portrait emblazoned on stotysyachedollarovoy bill.

Who are the owners of the Fed?

Push for the creation of the Central American John Pierpont Morgan — a descendant of the famous pirate of the XVII century. John Pierpont was a man of the Rothschilds and acted on their behalf. He did not live to see the creation of usury Temple (died March 31 of the same in 1913), but the main person at the Fed became a different person Rothschild — Paul (Paul) Warburg.

In general, it must be said that the owners of the Fed is a network or if you like, a web of close business and family ties. Warburgs intermarried with the Rothschilds back in 1814. Schiff in the first half of the 1870s, married Theresa, the eldest daughter of Solomon Leeb, co-owner of "Kun, Leeb and K °», which made it possible to buy Schiff (using the same kind of Rothschild) stake in the company. Solomon's younger daughter Nina married Paul Warburg.

Among the relatives was also Goldman Saks1. As a result of the Fed's network was not only financial, but to a large extent related: gesheft based on kinship influential people — this is serious. And not only in the economy but also in politics, in government. In the words of Governor Willie Stark, a hero robertpennuorrenovskoy "The entire royal battle", the dollars are good up to a certain limit, then the meaning is only power. Fed — is not an economic entity that is primarily a power subject to economic, managerial function (which is economics? This control, ie power). Being charged for war.

After the establishment of the Federal Reserve to its owners just need a war: military spending to pay for the government, especially the U.S., will be forced to borrow from the Fed and the needle will sit on the debt of the System and its owners. And so it happened — the combatants have spent on the war, about 56 billion pounds sterling, which at current prices is not so far from a trillion dollars. What are the profits received "new Templar" from the Fed? Fantastic. This means that their economic plan was a success. And the idea to replicate the encore — after 20 years. For this and the Versailles system was "designed" — to ensure the future of the war. In other words, the war was a logical and necessary consequence of the Fed for its existence, modus operandi.

War and revolution. Revolution, of course, not in the area of residence Fed — Pax Anglosaxonica.

War and revolution have been identified not only as the basis of the source of income (economics), but also as a means of destroying the Eurasian continental empires. Actually, the plan of destruction of these empires and the establishment of control over their resources (primarily over Russian), which emerged in Britain in the 1880s, not really hiding.

At least hinted at it. So, at the end of the XIX century in the British newspaper Truth («Truth") was published a pamphlet "The Dream Kaiser." Dreaming of William, as a result of the war, Germany and Austria-Hungary were defeated in their place on the new map of Europe — small republic, created by a national principle. It is noteworthy that in place of Russia — the political wilderness (which means the establishment of a direct control of the territory). To a large extent this plan was implemented.

The plan in question reflects a real contradiction that formed a "watershed period" — the contradiction between the globalist (in the Anglo-Saxon version) and imperial principles of the organization of the modern world. That's it defined the main direction of the next one — to this day — the history of the world struggle for power, information and resources. 1913th was the last year of peaceful opposition to globalization and imperial.

By an irony of history in the same December 1913, when the Fed took shape in the face of the grave-digger and the terminator of the old Europe, she is old Europe, rolled balls. In the same day — December 2, 1913 — celebrations were organized: in Vienna in honor of the 66th anniversary of the ascension to the throne of Emperor Franz Josef, and in Paris de Rothschild gave the most expensive and classy ball, in honor of the Bavarian Princess Gisela Maurice. "Proud Tower" Europe seemed unshakeable. That was a mistake. Interested parties have already prepared gunpowder, a fuse and stretched groping matches in his pocket. Anushka Stories not only bought the oil, but spilled it …

When the old Europe to cope celebration of the events of the past, not realizing that it is a wake for an era that Zweig call "old days" in the United States was complete, although it is not a final design of the new — and predatory global in scope and purpose — of the subject. He finally found a finished look, put together under the control of the U.S. Treasury and imposed on the agenda of the World War II — in the interests of the said subject coincided with the British. This was the subject of the Fed — Temple (Hram!) financial capital of the world bankers.

The subject of this from the very beginning designed global, the world has not yet become global, and this subject has appeared as such, and that it was a huge advantage. In addition, the Jewish capital firmly linked kuzenovkonkurentov — the British and the Americans, turning them into a single entity Anglo-Saxon, and without this ligament person would not earn, but equally it would not take place without the presence of British and American sites and relics of built up on them. In nature this is called symbiosis, or symbiogenesis. (I do not consider here the question of how historically been self-sufficient Jewish capital, has been or is someone behind him, using as a screen, and if so, who, for the purposes of this article, it does not matter.)

Globalist principle versus imperial principle

Globalist and imperial principles are incompatible — "Bolivar stories" do not carry two. Means of destroying empires was to be a war. But the practice of fighting the Anglo-Saxons from Germany and their alliance with Russia that the war is small, need another hit from the inside, an internal explosion, "Explosion" was to be supplemented by "implosion". To solve this problem needed allies within the empire — the liberals and revolutionaries associated with the international liberal and revolutionary movement, this reserve special services, adventurers and gesheftmaherov; classic "genre" — Parvus (Gelfand). Thus took shape three-headed entity, a kind of global Dragon, which besides the main and oldest — financial and political west (the world) the "head" — there were two other, smaller: the world of the liberal-revolutionary Russian and similar. This triple (trehstoronniy!) the subject and threw continental empires, beginning with the official ally of the Anglo-Saxons — Russia, how can you not remember AE Edrikhin-Vandamme, who noted that the worst feud with Anglo-Saxon can be only one — a friendship with him.

Lenin once said, "Give us an organization of revolutionaries — and we will turn Russia." Dissembled Ilyich. One Russian company is clearly not enough, the world needed a lever, primarily financial (non-financiers revolutions do not happen — is a riot, "senseless and merciless" or a failure to hundreds warrant "to change the whole life of Russian State" — ASGriboyedov) by which planted a Russian autocracy, and it, like Humpty Dumpty, "had fallen into a dream." International Socialists took power, but it did not deter her, as there is such a thing, which Hegel called "the cunning of history."

In the post-war world, is in discord, a large system "the world" could not dodavit large systems "Russia" and submit to the logic of its own. Three-headed SSD managed to seize power in Russia and nakurolesil in it from 1917 to 1927, but failed to retain power in 1920. And to replace the international-socialist phase of the revolution (motto: "World Revolution") came impersotsialisticheskaya (motto: "Socialism in one single country"), against which the globalists are almost immediately thrown into National Socialism. Another opponent of imperial socialism Stalin had Trotsky-globalist left Comintern type, which in the mid-1950s, after Stalin's death will climb from cracks like cockroaches, and teaming up with ex-Nepmen begin to establish ties with the Western globalists (of the Club of Rome, and so etc.).

Personifikator logic and the interests of a larger system of "Russia" — Stalin and his team — turned the project "world revolution", and slammed the NEP using a tangle of contradictions (the British — the Americans, the Anglo-Saxons — the Germans, the Germans — the French, the Rothschilds — Rockefeller), restored the imperial principle in the red version, issued in the form of systemic anti-capitalism of the USSR as an alternative system of global capitalism. Globalization pushed for 60 years, while defeating the Third Reich — an experiment to create and test a brutal version of the new world order, delivered by Western elites. This is what burzhuiny and their "fifth column" can not forgive Stalin and the Soviet Union. (All of the de-Stalinization campaign we have — this is the work not only and not so much on the internal host, but on burzhuinov globalizators-hating and a dead lion, and Shawky and happy to try.)

In fact, Stalin and global significance lies in the fact that he has created an alternative model of historical development. Futuristic style, not the preservative, and at the same time neo-imperial form, successfully opposing globalism in the new non-imperialist / post-imperial historical conditions. The globalists capitalists were forced to develop not only the globalist project, but also losing pace, raise, maintain state, which had to face the post-war Soviet Union — Germany and Japan. Tjutchev once remarked that after the occurrence of a Russian empire of Peter Charlemagne's empire in Europe is impossible. Indeed, Napoleon, Wilhelm II and Hitler failed, and failed them Russian. To paraphrase Tyutcheva, you can say: as long as there was the Soviet Union, globalization as the triumph of the Global Moneylender was impossible. In this sense, 1991 was the realization of the goals that were outlined in 1913.

Of 2013. The top of the world capitalist class — Agenda

The last 22 years — it looks (I emphasize: externally) the triumph of globalization, capitalism has transformed into a global system, and thus exhausted the physical space of capitalism, the geosphere. About capitalists can say the words of Nahum Korzhavina of the Bolsheviks of the 1930s: "But their misfortune was a victory, opened her emptiness." Capitalism is now nowhere to dump their contradictions. To survive, it must, first, to move from extensive to intensive development, in practice it is to cease to be capitalism dismantled, and secondly, that even more difficult to stop the course of history by implementing a "3 D" (deindustrialization, depopulation, deratsionalizatsiya).

In other words, globalization has become the basis of a means of creating a new, post-capitalist society, which, on the idea of the globalists, is designed to save their power and privileged position. To ensure control over the resources Psychosphere and that is especially important with the threat geoclimatic disasters over the territories that will remain stable and resourced in the next century (by the way, North Eurasia, that is Russia).

The above mentioned what the problem becoming masters of the World Games in 1913. Well, what tasks are today? Apparently, the following:

1) control over Northern Eurasia, especially Siberia and the Far East, as well as over the territory of Xinjiang Uygur region of China and Tibet as part of the resource, stable and пространствообеспечивающей area;

2) the creation of what the Rockefellers, Warburg, Peccei and others once called the "world government";

3) establishing total control over the population — up to the level psychosphere, behavior (one of the means — deratsionalizatsiya consciousness and behavior through the manipulation of information, education primitivism, biochemical effects, chipizatsiya, etc.);

4) reduction of the world population — depopulation, contributing to reduce the "eaters" and reduces the population to a manageable number of people;

5) completion of planetary de-industrialization — conservation development in the form in which it exists the last 300-400 years, cardiac history as a mass process, the concentration of advanced technology, elite science and education, serving only the tip, and food production in the enclaves, separated by buffer zones from the chaos of the world (though more or less controlled).

Overcome these problems the same: war, revolution, plus biochemical "new items" (GMO strains of new diseases, etc.). But still the main method, as shown, in particular, the current Africa War. One can assume that it will globalists Great War as a means of solving several problems at the same time — reducing the population, stripping vast territory, weakening the whole ethnic groups, including the numerous and of high culture. For example, Russian, Chinese, Arabs.

Thus, the Russian-Chinese conflict in conjunction with the Islamic Drang nach Norden may seem true globalists by solving a number of problems. Not in order to allow you to pump up the armed forces of China, so they grappled with Russia or to Russia grapples with China and the world of Islam as an ally of the West in the fight against far-fetched "revolt of Asia" (as once the Anglo-Saxons "pumped" The Third Reich and the USSR). And on the weak and harried opponents can throw Islam to these "chess for three" major players in the past it was possible, as the broken pieces, whisk in a dark box? But still there are simpletons who expect that NATO members will be able to get out of back to back on a "we are white people and white people are you, let us stand together against the South." Who said we have to "white"? For example, for the same Germans of the Third Reich honorary Aryans were the Japanese, and Russian — Asians. Since then, nothing has changed. I sang Vertinskiy, "for we are all strangers." But why do we love dying civilization, because we have not seen necrophilia.

Russia in 2013, or about the affairs of our mourning

We have speculated about the contradictions that faced Russia in 1913 and who was beating, beating, but only broke the autocracy itself. What are the contradictions facing Russia a century later? With the same as then Russian Empire — History made a circle and showed fig. The third contradiction — that is, between great-power status (or rather its remains in the form of nuclear weapons, and even the high imperial culture is not, instead — hamming Base pop that — the rights of Soviet was a wonderful singer Muslim Magomayev — other than a dud will not name) and modest role on the world stage.

The second contradiction is also evident — among the top at the expense of over-the alienation of the population of the desired product, even the desire to grab a piece of the future life of the people. The latest example. A couple of months ago, the State Duma, in fact, reformed the pension system in Russia (a law passed in the second and third reading). From 1 January 2014 the funded part of the pension is reduced from 6% to 2% of salary, the remaining 4% are allocated to the insurance part of the pension, that is the part that the state promises to pay the citizen. The reduction is designed to reduce the accumulation of the pension fund deficit (to date — 1 trillion rubles).

"Simply put — write AA and E. Denisov — Russian authorities solve the problem of shortage of money in the Pension Fund by elementary means of weaning from citizens, piling up on their retirement accounts. Thus depriving the Russians opportunity to receive a pension in the future, largely independent of their current tax payments, not the condition of the distribution system of the state, which at any moment can not work, as has happened more than once. " Similar examples could be cited. Just look how much reduced by 2013 the social part of the budget of the Russian Federation — on the social constitution of the state.

Persists and the first contradiction, although it is felt not as acute as in 1913, as the power and property are not opposed to each other as external entities, but are different parties, aspects of a single entity; rather, the property stands in our society as a function of power. Consequently, it is not quite the property within the country, and because "it is the property" sold abroad — there safer. However, the fact that journalists dubbed the "battle bloodsuckers in London," that is, the court Berezovsky — Abramovich, has provided Western Themis as legal grounds for lawful confiscation of the "fully owned" that she is not as secure and outside Russia.

The subject is able to resolve the contradictions mentioned above, is not visible — in the Russian Federation is not visible. However, there is always a fast SSD, at least to the outside observer, it is enough to remember the introduction of oprichniny or abolition of the NEP.

External — global — SSD politically and economically interested in their aggravation, and globalizatorskaya trend will work for their gain. But if all that bad? And everything is so good in the globalists? No, far from it.

Globalization is immersed in a crisis, the global world begins to crumble, and these cracks marks the contours and shape of the empires of the past. And that means that the fall of the USSR was not the end of the imperial principle, and the completion of a certain stage in its development. Globalization has led to a crisis of neo-imperial twentieth century. Today, the crisis of globalization itself can give rise to a new type of imperial — imperopodobnost — as a means of overcoming conflict and globalization.

The fact that globalization — a zero sum game, its further development threatens to throw out the stories and overwhelm many countries and peoples. And as he wrote Barrington Moore, revolutions are born not of a victorious roar rising groups, and from the death rattle of the forces over which the wave is about to wink of progress, revolution — is a hit the last effort that doomed cause so beloved by the Strugatsky progressors. In today's world, a weapon against the doomed globalizators can only be imperopodobnye Education (IEP). That is large in size and population (250-300 million) of the structure, the core of which are the military, defense industry, intelligence, scientific and technical sector, of course, all four of the radically rearranged in accordance with the logic of opposition to globalism in the context of the global crisis, and combining hierarchical and network organizing principle. Possible emergence of new and fundamentally, neoordenskih forms. Of course, the neo-imperial — a form. The most important role played by the content, which, of course, can not be a capitalist — is contrary to both the spirit and the logic of Russian history and current trends of world development. If the very tip of the world dismantle capitalism, we must be very careful not to plunge into the version futuroarhaicheskogo postcapitalism they plan and brutal version of the run-in which their predecessors in the form of the "Third Reich".

Do not allow to stop the story — that's the main problem IPO, which obviously must be based on social justice and futuristic speakers, denying combination of Satanism and environmentalism, and close to the Nazi goal setting certain circles western tip that a "clash of civilizations" want to bring the "end of history" . I also stress paramilitary nature IPO, due to requirements of military age in which we live, the threat geoclimatic disaster and the need to protect themselves from unwanted mass of migrants from the west, south and east.

As possible subject, able to create IPO? Where from? Not a good life. When it's about preserving not only assets, but also the life (examples of Milosevic, Saddam and Gaddafi is instructive), when the question arises of termination? Picnic on the side? global capitalism, when at those above loomed picture of smash hit NEP times? swept all powerful hurricane, and you and I left to roam?, that's when the only means of salvation can be a very rigid structure IPO. The new SSD will emerge from selfish self-preservation to the faction of the ruling strata of different countries, which to a lesser extent due to globalism and the most to lose from his triumph.

Upcoming illiberal times in the world economy, on the one hand and eaten by the Soviet legacy — the other (once it ends — Nihil dat fortuna mancipio) work at a fraction of this type. Saving yourself — there should be no illusions — it saves the country. And vice versa. Otherwise — kirdyk. Will it mean the onset of globalism victory over the happy times? No. Chances are after her, if it takes place, the world will start option era? Warring kingdoms? and there will be new challenges. As one of the characters in Macbeth (repeats this phrase Tolkien's Gandalf), if we fail, we will perish, if we win, we face a new challenge. But you first need to win. And for this — to assemble SSc.

Thurisaz, Hagalaz, Eyvaz

The question is, who, given the lessons of the era? 13-13? (1913-2013), will create a new SSD, able to jerk it globalist principle? Currently no such entity in the Russian Federation is not visible, and it is once again evident in those crises that are facing not only the power but also the liberal and (to a lesser extent) of state-patriotic currents in contemporary Russia. In many ways, this is due to the exhaustion of a bygone era stories and aborted the new social structure. Many of the problems that are debating the opposing party, or is irrelevant, or will be so tomorrow, and disputes themselves somewhat reminiscent of Nikita Pustosvyat dispute with the church hierarchy — disputants do not know that a new era has already come, and they are fighting a rear-guard of the past.

No less extent, this is a conceptual unawareness of what is happening, the inadequacy of existing disciplines and their conceptual apparatus for analyzing the current reality. In this connection, and considering that knowledge — force, the starting point of a new SSD assembly or at least one of its components can (should) be a fundamentally new structure cognitive — CAT intelligence (RNC) (or if anything, cognitive and analytical) that combines the best features of the most advanced skills and scientific organizations and special structures (more precisely, their analytical units) and at the same time get rid of their weaknesses — something like Azimov Foundation, only cooler.

In its simplest terms it can be said that the weakness of analytical intelligence agencies is their orientation to the empirical data on the scope of the specific facts, which, if generalized, it is only empirically — theoretical generalizations? Trespassing?. Similarly, the intelligence analyst, as a rule, is not focused on? Triad Charles Tilly?: Large structures, long-term processes, large-scale comparison, that is, the long-term mass processes and their laws and regularity (indeed, the current science that has almost ceased to be engaged in by focusing on ? the sixth thread in the left nostril? or something comparable-equivalent).

The weakness of the current conventional science is the inability to work with huge amounts of information rushing that increases deteoretizatsiey current science on society and man, its fragmentation into smaller and smaller, or just mindless discipline (such as gay and lesbian studies), losing the universal vocabulary and find themselves in the same position as the scholastics in the XV century.

Another weakness — the inability to work with the collection of indirect evidence, arrogant attitude towards them, and in general to the fact that you can not feel, as a result of the modern science of society is completely powerless in the main analysis, for example, the government, as the real power is the secret power.

The design and development of cattle being driven by special forces as an intellectual crisis not only science, but also the challenges posed by the global crisis. We need structures capable of a relatively short period of time to develop a radically new and vudenie conceptual understanding of the world and based on the last to create a true picture of the present and the past and rethink the simple point of view, from the point of view of survival and victory in the Smoot-crisis XXI century Russian cultural-historical type . Time is short. February 4, 1931, Stalin said that if the USSR for 10 years in the industrial development will not work the way that the West was in a hundred years, we will be crushed. Today, critical information are the factors of production in the global struggle for power and resources crucial to control of the informational currents. Russia, as a rule, losing to information warfare, and often just inferior to the enemy battlefield. Today we can say that if Russia for 10 years, will not pass the way that the West in mastering informational currents passed in the last 50 years, we will be crushed, and probably forever.

Informational currents are strong the scientific, cognitive framework that backs them. One of the objectives of cattle-creation of such a framework, a new grid sciences of man and society. He must skillfully resist conventional Western science, which not only expresses a certain class interests, but simply serves them being the fact that Michel Foucault called power-knowledge, that is an integral element of class and power structures. As noted by Immanuel Wallerstein, science in the West and scientific culture in general — is more than a simple rationalization of the a la Max Weber. ? She was a form of socialization different elements act as a frame for all the necessary institutional structures of capitalism. As a common language and a common frame, but not the working people, it has also become a means of uniting the higher strata of the class, limiting the prospects or the degree of buntovschicheskoy from that part of the frame that would succumb to this temptation. Moreover, it was a flexible mechanism for the reproduction of these frames. Scientific culture has put itself at the service of a concept known as today? Meritocracy?, But before that — as la carriere ouverte aux talents. This culture has created a framework within which individual mobility was possible, but so as not to pose a threat to the hierarchical distribution of the labor force. On the contrary, meritocracy strengthened hierarchy. Finally, meritocracy as a process (operation) and scientific culture as an ideology created a veil that hinders the comprehension of the real functioning of historical capitalism.

Sverhaktsent on the rationality of scientific activity was a mask of endless accumulation of irrationality?. In other words, the disciplines of form and structure of scientific activity, which surged to us after 1991, as a rule, are nothing but a pack wrapped in a scientific interests and goals of the globalists — for example, the analysis of the sociology of Giddens is perfectly demonstrated P. Bourdieu, the British had caught in the conceptual service TNCs. All this shows once again the need for a new science and adequate structures to it.

Another imperative need for the development of cattle-counter deratsionalizatsii consciousness, both through the proper cognitive, cognitive (in particular, we need to write our own history and real, not universalnovoskhvalyayuschuyu history of the West as a geopolitical, class, and the enemy of civilization, by the way, that's what the West write our history, we must learn, one needs an adequate, without demonizing, but without a history of profanity World Masters Games, the real players, not puppets), and on-line information and psychological: kognitivnoanali Atlantic structures should us to actively participate in the fight psychohistorical, intellectually -intelligence operations, engage in strategic intelligence (and not only the present but also the past and the future), to influence the intellectual reflection of the enemy, the more that the struggle for the future moves in the sphere of control over Psychosphere.

And finally, last but not least, another spur the need for development of cattle, preferably, international, global, you have to beat the enemy on its territory. The fact is that in the context of an unprecedented crisis -? Crisis-dolls? -In the struggle for the future included? Awakening? closed structure of the Order and neoordenskogo type were silent for a long time existed in the mode silanuma or, as we would say in the office? in active waiting?. The crisis-transition time for action. We structures in question — its well developed knowledge, this is not a professorial science to the profane. The ability to unlock this knowledge to pick up the keys to it, too, must do their part of the arsenal of cattle. The strength of the closed structures is largely, and perhaps above all knowledge, knowledge of real history, its players and its laws. Knowledge has always been power-knowledge, in the XXI century, it becomes a factor of production, and the main thing. Those who do not understand, notorious loser.

To compete with the increasingly prominent as the subjects of a closed structure of the network type, or, if necessary, to prove the right to equal alliance, neprofessorskoe to their knowledge, and for that we need the relevant structures of the military-intellectual, if you will, Kshatriya-Brahmanic type, cognitive commandos. The last big hunt coming era of capitalism, we do not have started it, but if not, you'll have to go hunting the hunter: • We are peaceful people, but our train is on the siding?. By the necessity of such an approach brings us the whole story, especially the segment 1913 — 2013 period. In this regard 2013th not differ from 1913. In addition, the time has a habit of clotting sheet Mebiusa, Eight, as a result of yesterday becomes tomorrow. Tomorrow? Afternoon? 1913 was the first in 1914. War. And there it is not the one who is ready to die, but who is willing to die, killing the enemy, that is, knowing where to strike.

All that we see today shows: the history section, which can be? Hang? Isa rune symbol (variable delay and what was the era of neo-liberal counter-revolution, including those 20 years of respite, which by coincidence of circumstances has received the Russian Federation, but a break-ends), came to an end, he is coming era marked by three runes: Thurisaz (chaos) Hagalaz (tear, rupture) and Eyvaz (wrestling, head). In 2013 the world like Russia and froze over the precipice, like a fool with zero Major Arcana Tarot cards would collapse if he will jump into the abyss or through it to turn around 21 minutes to find a map and the whole world is up to us. Including how well we understand your time and define the direction of the main historical impact. Life in hard times, not an easy thing. But as our sworn friends Anglo-Saxons, every acquisition is loss and every loss is an acquisition (? Every time they have a loss, and each loss is gain?). That crisis periods are most favorable for the study of social reality, since the turn of the eras are exposed their hidden ciphers, their lies, dressed in white robes, religion, ideology, or pseudo-scientific schemes. Finally, it is in times of crisis, in times of social unrest Russian jumped out of the historical pitfalls. Let It Storm?



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