Another book about Lukashenko

Preparing to print another book dedicated chapter Belarus. In Minsk publishing "Foie inform" in "good name" written an advance copy of documentary and journalistic books, "Alexander Lukashenko said. First president of the Republic of Belarus." Creator and composer editions — Municipal Officer Literary Museum Kolas, Nicholas Zhygotski
which hitherto specialized in the works of classic literature Kolas Belarusian.
Nicholas Zhygotski says that enthusiasm for the individual first president of Belarus heated only compatriot emotions. Alexander Lukashenko as he also hails from Shklovschiny. Materials about relatives and people who once worked alongside Lukashenko, he began collecting in 1994, immediately after countryman soared so high on the career ladder:

Creator, Nicholas Zhygotski with own book
Creator complains that about 2 years manuscript "lick" on all possible levels. Materials were transferred from the 1st to another editor and publisher municipal done everything to abandon the project — no matter what mistake could cost you dearly.
As a result, Nicholas Zhygotski not regretted its own funds and is now awaiting the go-ahead from the top to the respective non-state Publishing "Foie inform":
"Preceded this one case. We rode the" Stalin Line ", then informally were sitting, one person poured schnapps me talking. I asked him where he works. States that the editor of the name Drozd. I responded that my fascinating material, he offered to bring, look. Soon designated period: that two months later the book was published. But two months later dragged on for two years. Ran, reworked, which gave a lot for review, the academy gave three times, there were comments, all reworked What … no editor — then the head. general I realized that editors — it just advisers. them I read, for your remarks could write another book about Lukashenka. "

Account books
Sovereign Zhygotski believes that at the moment his book would be required for teaching in schools and universities course of mandatory state ideology:
"First, it is written for students. General, for young people."Correspondent
"There are many quite rare illustrations. Location shooting?"
"Almost all took in the presidential administration. While I started working on a book, go to the archive of the president. Took me there and gave much needed shots. Here are some here and placed."Correspondent
"A picture portrait who did?"
"As for images, it’s the publisher they have found themselves an artist."Correspondent
"You Belarusian-man, why book in Russian?"
"It is designed to have a wider perspective and has come out in Russia. Apparently, so be it, as there is already an agreement preparatory to visit her and Russia, too." After a couple of years of uncertainty at the moment Nicholas Zhygotski in a good mood. Adds optimism letter signed manage Presidential Sports Club. Dmitry Lukashenko
In a letter to his father and part of President Lukashenko average writes that claims to the content of the book he personally was not, and it seeks to launch a general appeal.
The book is divided into sections, the presentation goes from birth Lukashenko: "On the Dnieper Slavutsichy", "Mother", "School Time", "In pedinstytutse," "School of courage," "In their places", "Family", "People’s Choice" etc. It is based in the main on the newspaper and other open sources. Many images that have never been published. On their first Alexander Lukashenko at different periods of their lives — from youth and students to serve in the army and in the height of his career. As relatives: mother Catherine Trofimovna wife Galina Radzivonauna, kids and grandchildren. Few years ago authored Zhygotskaga out more moderate fee, which is one hundred percent based on speeches and statements Lukashenko. Generally in the field of presidential zhytstseapisannya were noted for many creators. At the same tone polar different stories — from napavananimnaga "invasion," "Accidental President" Sheremet-Kalinkina and serious research Alexander Feduta sublime to journalism Vladimir yakutaviya and. Misha Shelehava In the musical culture of its own contribution made Edward Hanok with the product "Comrade President" and Anatoly Yarmolenko with the song "Hey dad." Tags:, Lukashenko, books

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