Apple feysbuknulsya


Shares of the U.S. company Apple slipped to its lowest level in five months on the stock exchange Nasdaq.

Value of the securities at the close of Nasdaq Apple on November 7 was 558 dollars per share, the company's shares have lost more than 20% of the value since reaching a historic record 705 dollars in September of this year.

Capitalization Apple has since declined to $ 130 billion — up to 524.9 billion dollars.

Investors' concerns associated with the unprecedented intensification of competition in the mobile market, in particular by Samsung Electronics. In the global smartphone market, according to market research firm IDC, the leader Samsung, whose share in the third quarter of this year, accounting for about one third of shipped units, while Apple's share was only 15%.


Director of Operations Facebook Sheryl Sandberg and other insiders get rid of the social networking market. Last week, Sandberg sold about 353 thousand shares for 7.44 million dollars. Chief accountant David Spillan and General Counsel Theodore Ulliott sold 150 and 256 thousand shares.

Top management of the company is selling shares in the IPO which lost about 40% of the cost. November 14 expiry of the ban on the sale of the rank and file, which can further bring down the quotes. A week later, the market may come to 804 million shares, and the number of shares in free circulation almost doubled. The ban on the sale of 156 million shares will end on December 14, another 47 million may come on May 18.

Recall that-Lockup periods are created artificially, in order to restrict the flow of shares on the market immediately after the IPO. Facebook held an IPO on May 17. Now the employees and managers of Facebook, had the opportunity to redeem shares may sell securities at a discount of 42%, including the placement price of 38 dollars. But despite the discount, according to analysts from Wedbush Securities, employees will still be in a hurry to sell.

The reason for this, according to experts, is the fact that a significant portion of compensation in Facebook are often paid in shares. Thus, many of the staff live on the salary, but still looking forward to the possibility of cash securities at any price. It seems that such a moment just arrived.


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