Approval from the wife, I could not wait

"Leon, you generally like the idea was born to distinguish themselves in the BPF? Neuzh it essentially was all so spontaneous?"
"I was planning to withdraw in favor Vecherki"
Barshcheuski: "The situation is such that Vintsuk Vyachorka, certainly, could win and would have won the election but would have won a very small advantage. What would his opponents the opportunity to read — "see, we scored equally, and our position as strong, why should we obey Vyachorka?." It’s a mental thing that could disrupt the work in the front in the future. In such a situation, when the division by half one second — very hard to accept and make some decisions.
That was to win a man with a huge advantage, gain a lot of votes — to some extent removes this issue. This man could become Valentin Golubev, but he came only second day. Another candidate could be me, and I felt it. And to prevent the split feelings — not of the split — I offered myself. I was planning to withdraw in favor Vyachorka, but sovereign Mihalevitch said that my candidature suits him, there is no choice we had was to accept. "


Tsigankov: "Many people at the moment note that you are not recent years intensively engaged in politics, although I note that you were at the time of the election of a member of the Diet of the BPF."
Barshcheuski: "Yes."

"Is not it hard for you to be vorachivatsya to political activity, you have not lost a" political tool "for this activity?"

"Yes, certainly — and vorachivatsya hard and lost a lot of things. Here I hope that the team that managed, maintained its position and its own credibility in the front (and not just in the midst of the congress delegates.) At first, has substituents posodeystvuyut me back there, from what I moved to the extent that it is needed. I do not need to take on everything. I need to keep under control as supervising direction substituents as works council. In this regard, I feel better as managers. "

"This congress has shown enough deepest section in the front on several issues. How are you going to overcome it? Do not you think it’s the main task of his own election?"
"Section occurred in the midst of delegates, but not in frontovskih structures"
Barshcheuski: "Separation, unfortunately, has been more rapid in the midst of the delegates. Frontovskih In structures such separation is not. I think we’re bringing the information, having worked with grassroots structures, we prove that the separation did not occur for some political reasons and for personal. And we will avoid the upcoming separation — I see this as a function. And those people. who make a conscious political choice in favor of other structures at some point must leave BPF. "

"During the congress from the lips of many delegates sounded that change is needed. Do you feel the mood and what changes you are willing to spend and promise?"
Barshcheuski: "Change is always necessary, but they should not be" change for the sake of change. "I believe that those people (they are not not so few) who anxiously and intensively working in politics who have done business — they did it as they could. And their incriminate that is why, they say, the BPF seized power — this is incorrect.
We are the party ideas, and our main task — to stay on ideological grounds. Formulate ideas and to contribute to its implementation. "
"Approval from the wife, I could not wait"
Tsigankov: "At the Congress you said that still do not understand how to tell his wife about his own election. Already said?"
Barshcheuski: "Thanks, but, naturally, I did not wait for approval. Conversation was very small — and I was busy, and she was in the theater with his daughter. But when I picked up this cart, then to his subsequent Congress will pull"
Tsigankov: "You really uttered at the congress that came only for one term. You can now officially confirm that?"
Barshcheuski: "If the situation improve your health in the front, and will provide a true continuity, this period may even be reduced. Main — make this whole situation."

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