Arbitrators are preparing to abolish the death penalty

Chairman of the Supreme Court of Belarus Valentin Sukala in an interview with the newspaper "Russian Belarus", said that at the moment "arbitrators psychologically prepared for the fact that the death penalty will be abolished." By him, Belarus has almost approached the point beyond which there is a moratorium on the death penalty.
"Alternative death penalty — indefinite imprisonment"
Valentin Sukala noted that seven years Belarus has candidature of the death penalty — indefinite detention, and therefore exceptional measure applied occasionally. In the first half of the year This year death sentence carried two persons. According to the chairman of the Supreme Court, is not easy to seek out adequate punishment, when it comes to serial killers or gangs do more.
Deputy Commission of the House of Representatives of Belarus Viktor Isachkin not exclude that there will be a moratorium on the death penalty.
"Yes, I support the moratorium and later do not exclude the cancellation of the death penalty."
Sous: "Tell me, please, what is the procedure? How fast it can be introduced?"
Isachkin: "I think that for this year can be entered. "
According to the results of the 1996 referendum, 80% of the population of Belarus in favor of retaining the death penalty. Meanwhile a moratorium on the death penalty — a precondition to enter the Council of Europe.
Last week, President of the Parliamentary Assembly Rene van der Linden called Alexander Lukashenko cancel three death sentences and replace them with more myagenkie. Moratorium on the execution of death sentences, according to Rene van der Linden will become clear and definite step towards rapprochement between Belarus and the Council of Europe.
"According to the Constitution is necessary to make this question to a referendum"
Past chairman of the Constitutional Court Shepherds Misha pays attention to the fact that the abolition of the death penalty can only be through a referendum.
"The first step — the president’s proposal to Parliament or on its own initiative, may impose a moratorium on the death penalty. At the first step that is enough. But later still need to enter the configuration to the Constitution. Since this article is in the section number four, according to Constitution must make this issue to a referendum. believe that this question has long been needed solve. In the European part of the continent only Belarus remains a state that uses the death penalty, "- said Mike Shepherds.
"At the time of execution of the sentence ethe man — useless fool and poses no threat "
Head past the detention center on the street Volodarskogo Oleg Alkaev certain time managed the team that made death sentences. Currently Alkaev lives in Germany. He thinks is right abolition of the death penalty.
"Slightly barbaric method. I’ve changed my mind a lot. Being in Europe, I realized that it does not solve prepyadstviya crime. I regard this as a settling of accounts, because at the time of execution of the sentence this man — useless fool and poses no threat. This is what I beheld my own eyes … "- Says Oleg Alkaev.
Today 129 countries in the world have abolished the death penalty in law or in practice. Among them, 89 absolutely abandoned the death penalty, a punishment of 10 retained only for war crimes; 30 moratorium on the execution of sentences. Abolition of the death penalty is foreseen by the European Convention of Human Rights. This document has been ratified by 40 European states and signed 7. Moratorium on executions imposed Our homeland, Ukraine, Moldova.
According to official statistics, in 1997 in Belarus sentenced to death 161 people. During President Alexander Lukashenko only one known case, when he pardoned convict on death. Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly publicly stated that Belarus is "not ready to abolish the death penalty."
• If in Belarus to abolish death penalty?, 10.10.2007

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