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The Defense Ministry prepared the latest weapons program from 2025

Defense Ministry wants to change the 2015 military-technical policy and bet not only on the amount supplied to the troops of modern technology, but rather on the quality of weapons. This now said Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov.

According to him, the military has long been working on the State applets arms-2025, which starts in two years.

— Prepared by a huge number of required regulatory documentation, the initial data. Refined estimates, including doctrine and scenic character of the Armed Forces in the use of various types of conflicts. Evaluated the potential ability of the world arms market — Borisov said and added that the focus of promising LG will also be made to standardize and harmonize the development of a new arsenal. And yet — in advising technology companies throughout its current cycle, including recycling.

Now it sounded encouraging news on the tank of the latest generation «Armata». Deputy General Director Vyacheslav Uralvagonzavod Halitov said that it plans to complete the development in 2015, and in 2016 will launch the car in mass production. At the same time designers currently do three existing standard based on the unified heaviest broneplatformy «Armata». In September, the experimental tank showed the country’s leaders and the military department at an arms fair in Nizhny Tagil.

— Have agreed with the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the decision to advance the financing of development projects — allocated Halitov.

Here are some results of implementation of the current programs from weapons. For example, in the framework of the SAP-2020 contracts were signed for the purchase of more than 400 new aircraft. Plans for the 2011-2012 industry performed well. This year, the Air Force has already received 51 aircraft, they will be given another 16 before the Christmas prazdnichkom. Managing programs directorate of military aircraft of the United Aircraft Company, the last Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov led dynamics Incoming troops in combat aircraft in recent years. If in 2011, the Air Force received 19 cars in the past year — 35, the question today is about 67 planes.

The company does not hide his own hopes to conclude other agreements with the Defense Ministry. Namely — a modernized MiG-29 SMT. This plane is the newest version of superbly light tactical fighter and has in the arsenal of a wide range of different aircraft armament air-to-air and «air-surface». The machine is capable to destroy the highest efficiency air, land and sea targets. As a result, the modernization of the combat effectiveness of the MiG-29 SMT compared with baseline «moment» increased on average three times, and the price of its operation declined by about 40 percent. Vladimir Mikhailov said that the documents have been prepared to enter into an Agreement for the supply of the fighter in the Air Force 2014-2016, respectively.
A CEO of Concern PVO «Almaz-Antey» Vladislav Menshikov opened Zahav secrecy over applets improving anti-aircraft missile system S-400. The company has just finished work on manufacturing for «chetyrehsotke» over-range missiles act. Moreover, the plant group currently doing initial batch of ammunition. Parallel «Diamond-Anthea» establishing the creation of devices for new missiles. If all goes according to plan, after their most experienced shooting concern with the Defense Ministry will sign a contract for the serial production of advanced munition. Recall that while the C-400 equipped with missiles that hit airborne targets at a distance of 250 km.

Yuri Gavrilov

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